10 Factors Which Help and Hinder Indoor Air Quality in the Home

St. Louis, St. Charles County and Jefferson counties of Missouri are not impervious to humidity. As humidity poses a risk to indoor air quality (IAQ), it is also associated with a host of airborne contaminants. The proceeding facts and tips present solutions to improving indoor air quality in the summer and winter.

  1. Damp environments, plumbing leaks and the humid climate of Missouri frequently attribute to the growth of mold.
  2. Mold is the byproduct of indoor environments exceeding humidity levels of 60 percent and more.
  3. An eco-friendly approach for reducing winter energy loads, while eliminating dry air is to allow clothes to dry indoors on a clothes line.
  4. Studies, documented by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), illustrate that many households have significantly worst indoor air quality than the pollutants associated of an exterior industrial environment.
  5. The most prevalent pollutants, which pose a threat to air quality in the US, include carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, lead, particulate matter, nitrogen dioxide and the ozone.
  6. A de-humidifier is vital to reducing humidity in the home. To stave off mold. However, mold does develop in dry environments.
  7. The EPA also recommends that humidity levels should range between 30 and 50 percent in the home to impede the development of mold.
  8. As condensation is often associated with humidity, always wipe walls, windows and pipes when moisture collects on these household surfaces.
  9. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) purports that mold triggers the following irritations: itchy eyes, nasal congestion, wheezing. Coughing and other respiratory side effects.
  10. In the Greater St. Louis metropolitan area and surrounding counties (St. Louis, St. Charles, Jefferson), Hoffmann Brothers assures clean indoor air quality.

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