Do you have poor Indoor Air Quality in your home?

St Louis area households are plagued by poor indoor air quality. Although good housekeeping plays a moderate role in IAQ, proper air filtration, air purification, and ventilation assure clean indoor air quality.  The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ranks indoor pollution to be two to five times as polluted as outdoor air. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control separates indoor air pollutants into three categories:

The Allergen particulates can trigger allergy symptoms: dry throat, running nose, sinus pain and pressure, itchy eyes, and headaches. Mold, Mildrew and Dust are among other allergens particulates that have been found to trigger serious ailments.   Things that can contribute to more serious symptoms of indoor air quality are dust, pet dander, tobacco, mold & mildew, pollen, and poor air ventilation.
It is a proven fact that those that occupy a home with clean air quality have fewer viruses and colds. Those with bad asthma and allergies that have better air quality due to better HVAC filtration and air cleaners have less symptoms and doctor visits annually.
While changing air filters on a regular basis can prevent certain allergen particulates from floating throughout the home, it’s not a substitution for breathing pure air and proper air ventilation.
By simply adding a humidifierelectronic air cleaner or a media filter to your home can help improve the indoor air quality dramatically.
Hoffmann Brothers recently had a customer whose son suffered from very bad asthma and allergy. The husband and wife were complaining in the winter they would wake up with dry throat and sinus pain every morning. Hoffmann Brothers Heating & Air Conditioning installed a whole home Aprilaire humidifier and a larger filter kit to help filter their air more and they saw a dramatic change both in their son’s health and in the sinus pain. The humidifier add humidity into the dry air during the winter season, so it helps you breath better especially at night while sleeping.
If you want to change the indoor air quality in your home, contact Hoffmann Brothersfor a free estimate on any type of IAQ product (humidifiers, electronic air cleaners, filters, & germicidal lights).

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