Dehumidifiers: Improving the Forecast Inside Your Home

When the local meteorologist on your television screen presents the forecast, you expect more than just the temperature. Sure, the seven-day outlook of highs and lows helps you make weekend plans on a Monday. However, the daily read on humidity can be telling in the summer months.

The hot and humid St. Louis summers separate us from the dry desert heat of the southwest. The extra water in the St. Louis air impacts the “feels like” temperature both outside and inside your home. A whole house dehumidifier has several benefits including cost savings, improved comfort, and protection of valuable home assets.

Save Money
The lower you set the air conditioning set point, the more energy the cooling system inside your home will consume. Moist air also holds onto heat better than dry air. A dehumidifier may stop the temptation to reduce the temperature set point on your thermostat to cool down. As dehumidified air circulates, less heat needs to be removed with each passage. Look forward to lower monthly utility bills and less wear on your cooling system over time.

Improve your Comfort Level
Drier air feels cooler to the body than moist air at the same temperature. Is your body playing tricks on you? In fact, science backs up the humidity temperature connection and how it feels to you. With less water in the air, it’s easier for your skin to breathe, sweat, and evaporate water from its surface producing a cooling sensation. Think of sweat as your built-in air conditioner. A dehumidifier allows normal and natural sweating to occur for the occupants in your home.

Protect your Investments
Besides a higher temperature set point for your air conditioner increasing its longevity, you want the valuable furnishings, décor, and structural components of your home to last. A home that’s too humid smells musty and risks mold growth on its surfaces. The right humidity levels protect your most valuable asset. It pays to ensure proper dehumidification in the summer months.

Call (314) 664-3011 for dehumidifier options that reduce the amount of work your air conditioner will need to perform this summer, before you even turn it on.

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