What Does IAQ Have to Do with Buying a New AC?

Energy efficiency is not the only criteria for buying a new air conditioner. Forty million Americans suffer from indoor/outdoor allergies, reports the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA). However, allergies are far more debilitating in children, as it hinders activity in 40 percent of the affected youth. When parents consider investing in a new air conditioner in the Counties of Jefferson, St. Charles, St. Louis, Madison and St. Clair, indoor air quality (IAQ) is as vital as reducing the carbon footprint.

The AAFA reports that as many as 72 trillion microscopic allergens stumble into U.S. households each day. Many include the usual suspects: mildew, dust, bacteria, pollen, cooking grease dust mites, mildew and tobacco smoke. The extreme humidity level of Madison, St. Clair, St. Charles, Jefferson, and St. Louis Counties makes indoor air quality even that more critical for maintaining a cool and comfortable indoor environment.

Hoffmann Brothers, a residential and commercial HVAC contractor, is utterly adept at installing air conditioners and heating systems with good IAQ in mind. System efficiency should be a minimum of 13 SEER. The company also advises consumers to opt for an air conditioner with at least a five-year warranty. In the event something goes wrong in the next, half decade, the compressor and other components should be covered by the manufacturer.

Among the dozens of manufacturers that the St. Louis HVAC firm works with, it recommends the American Standard Heating and Air Conditioning manufacturer. The filtration system, dubbed “Accu-Clean™ Whole Home Air Filtration,” boasts a 99 percent success rate at terminating particulate matter in the home. This means that parents can breathe easier, knowing that a deficit of indoor air quality is not preventing their children from leading a healthy lifestyle.

Please click on indoor air quality or call Hoffmann Brothers at 314. 664.3011 to improve your household’s IAQ. 

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