Does Your Home Need an Air Duct Cleaning?

Air duct cleaning is a dirty yet controversial topic related to heating and air conditioning systems. While air quality analysts suggest that dirty ducts promote allergies, allergens and dust mites, the Environmental Protection Agency contends that there is insufficient evidence about the repercussions of dirty air ducts. Nevertheless, air duct cleaning has been proven to maximize a heating and cooling system’s efficiency as in its functional lifespan and conserve on other heating and cooling maintenance needs.

What is air duct cleaning? Typically, duct cleaning refers to cleaning the components of the heat and cooling system, these include:  Duct cleaning, generally, refers to the cleaning of various heating and cooling system components, which include:

  1. Air handling unit housing
  2. Cooling Coils
  3. Drip pans (condensate drain pans)
  4. Fan housing
  5. Fan motor
  6. Grilles and diffusers
  7. Heat exchangers
  8. Heating and cooling coils
  9. Supply and return air ducts
  10. Specific situations signal the need for air duct cleaning. For instance, if mold detection is noticed on any of the aforementioned parts of the heating and air conditioning system, a duct cleaning, as well as an inspection by a qualified heating and cooling contractor is vital. Schedule a maintenance today.

    Alternatively, only a professional can diagnose whether an air duct is plagued with mold. (Some cases call for a microbiology analysis). Additionally, air ducts with an infestation of pests (in example: mice, rats, roaches, flies, mites, etc) necessitate an air duct cleaning.

    In situations, where the heating and cooling system’s ducts are clogged with debris, dusts and other particle matter, a duct cleaning will prevent the release of dirty air in the home.

    BEWARE: When insulated air ducts become damp or wet, it is a recipe for mold development. As a result, these air ducts cannot be cleaned and require removal and replacement.

    Since, the development of mold is not always obvious or apparent on the interior components of the heat and cooling system, Hoffmann Brothers inspects the entire system to determine if duct cleaning is necessary. To schedule a technician out to your home, call us at 314-664-3011 or request service here.

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