Why Humidifiers are the Icing on the Furnace Cake

Your college degree curriculum started with a list of mandatory courses to graduate. Most of the credits were required courses like calculus, physics, and financial accounting. What sweetened the college experience? Like icing on a birthday cake, electives fulfilled your need for variety and fun. Maybe your Spanish class helps you today on vacations to Cancun. Or your American Studies course always makes you the MVP at charity trivia nights.

Similar to the electives you took in school, a humidifier is not a must-have for your Ladue, MO home. But it is a nice-to-have sidekick for your furnace in the winter. Here are a few reasons why.

Dry air feels colder.

It’s not all in your head. Humid air retains heat better than dry air. Without a humidifier, your furnace works harder in the winter to keep the interior air warm. Ladue, MO homeowners also need a higher thermostat set point to feel comfortable when the air is dry. A harder working furnace and a higher temperature set point increases your monthly utility bills.

Dry air aggravates health conditions.

A lack of moisture in the air causes not only dry skin but also irritates nasal and lung passages. Allergies and asthma flare without the right humidity. Finally, airborne illnesses like the flu virus thrive and travel faster in dry air, spreading more easily from family member to family member. There’s a reason flu shot season coincides with the dry winter.

Dry air damages furnishings.

Low humidity levels can cause small cracks in the wood of your Ladue home. Consider furniture polish. It adds moisture to the wood through an oily substance. Your furnishings benefit from higher humidity levels.

The Best Recipe for Humid Air

Icing consistency varies depending on your tastes and the type of cake, think buttercream versus a pound cake glaze. In the same way, the right humidity balance in your Ladue home will be individual. The recommendation is to start at 45% humidity and adjust.

A humidifier allows you to vary your humidity range between a safe 30 to 55%. This interval is ideal for your health and your home.
In Ladue, Call Hoffmann Brothers Heating and Cooling at (314) 664-3011 for an efficient whole home humidifier that ties into your existing furnace and water supply. When a Hoffmann Brothers experienced contractor performs the install, we show you how your equipment works, provide maintenance recommendations, and guarantee the service.

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