Florissant Heating Contractor: Radon Poses IAQ Problems Too

Poor indoor air quality (IAQ) is not always the byproduct of a faulty heating and cooling system. In fact, gas leaks and carbon monoxide are in company with another household contaminant, called radon. Florissant heating contractor observes National Radon Action Month with these healthful facts on radon.

What is radon?

Radon is an odorless, invisible radioactive gas. The contaminant is potentially present in most American households.

A naturally occurring element in soil, radon is the byproduct of uranium, inevitably breaking down to radium.


Does radon exposure pose any health risks?

Among non-cigarette smoking adults, radon is the next prevalent cause of lung cancer.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) designates the month of January as National Radon Action Month. Annually, radon assumes an estimated 21,000 lives.

The EPA and the U.S. Surgeon General recommend Radon testing in the home, workplace and at school. www.epa.gov/radon/pubs/citguide

Radon exposure is a preventable health risk in any American household. Although heating contractors in Florissant MO can test and improve indoor air quality, radon testing is not included in the service menu. Nevertheless, radon testing is quite simple.

What should Florissant MO residents do to test their home for radon?

Radon testing is inexpensive and easy to conduct. In Florissant, there are two approaches to testing. One option entails renting a home test kit; and the other is to hire a professional. The caveat with a do-it-yourself test is that Florissant residential property owners may get an inaccurate reading. Please visit the official website address www.epa.gov/radon/pubs/citguide for additional resources on radon testing.

What happens if a radon test shows positive?

If a radon test is positive, radon mitigation service can reduce the radium pCi/L level.


What other approaches can Florissant homeowners (http://www.florissantmo.com) employ to promote healthy indoor air quality?

Aside from radon testing and mitigation, homeowners can enhance indoor air quality with an indoor air consultation. Generally, air purification systems, humidifiers and HEPA filtration systems promote clean indoor air quality.

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