Choosing a Design Build Contractor for your Commercial HVAC Needs

When commercial property managers compare bid quotes for design-build projects, there’s a tendency to focus on the total cost of the estimate, as in the final number. From achieving future federal and local energy standards, lowering utility bills to the timeliness of the HVAC system’s completion, there are so many dynamics to weigh and consider when shopping for an HVAC mechanical contractor firm in St. Louis.

The ultimate purpose of any HVAC design build project is to customize an energy efficient HVAC system that best fits your organization’s needs. You want to ensure you choose an experienced Mechanical Contractor who has design/build projects before.

Make sure the HVAC mechanical contractor firm demonstrates an attention to timeliness. During the bid process, be sure to ask each mechanical engineering firm, if there are any obstacles that would interrupt the design-build schedule.

A significantly lower bid quote for a design build project is often an indication of a red flag. Some mechanical engineer firms use the tactic to score the job. In the long run, the commercial HVAC system often takes twice as long with a host of setbacks often accompanied by “unforeseen” expenses.

Compare each design build quote for the amount of time, specified to complete the project. Try to factor the daily cost of shutting down operations at the facility. Determine if the mechanical engineers have any contingencies for installing the HVAC system during business hours without disrupting the building’s occupant’s productivity and safety.

Opt for a St. Louis HVAC mechanical contractor possessing the agility to customize an HVAC system around the given timeframe and the unique circumstances surrounding your facility. Determine if there are discounts or better times of year to have hvac equipment replaced. Both for your business, so you don’t lose operational excellence, and then for the contractor to install during their off season.

Note that all design build projects do not necessitate engineering the HVAC system from the ground up. Sometimes, it’s more cost effective to retrofit an existing heating system with the appropriate components. Depending on the circumstances, some commercial properties are better suited for the design build project managed in stages.

Contact Hoffmann Brothers, who has over 40+ years experience in commercial HVAC installation & design/building projects. We have worked with so many large St Louis Businesses in designing and installing their particular HVAC systems that fit their manufacturer or office setting needs. Request a bid with one of our Commercial Advisors at (314) 664-3011.

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