How to Manage an Air Conditioner Meltdown

How to Cope When the Air Conditioner Melts Down?

When an air conditioner malfunctions in the city of St. Louis, residents don’t always have the time to shop around for the lowest air conditioning repair costs. The primary objective becomes: send help as soon as possible. Entrusting the air conditioning system to anyone comes with a few perils.

St. Louis City Air Conditioning Contractor: 7-Steps to AC Repair

A St. Louis City HVAC contractor provides seven basic steps to coping with an AC meltdown.

  1. Test a new air filter.
  2. If you notice that the air conditioner is blowing warm air, change the air filter. Sometimes lint clogged air filter inhibit cool air from escaping. Wait 30 more minutes and there is no change in the cooling scenario, proceed to the next step.

  3. Power down.
  4. To avoid doing further damage to the cooling system, power it off.

  5. Make note of AC details.
  6. Jot down the make, model and the product number. If the AC is still under warranty, review the policy to determine what may or may not be covered. Being armed with this information should help expedite the service call. If your AC is still covered under warranty, you should be able to save on replacement parts.

  7. Search for AC contractor.
  8. Next, conduct a query on Google or Yahoo for “Saint Louis City air conditioning repair.”

  9. Check basic qualifications.
  10. Since time is of the essence, the best method for qualifying a professional contractor is by its website. Evaluate air conditioning contractor by basic features: 1) Is the AC contractor licensed and bonded? 2) Does the contractor provide house calls, 24-7-365? Does the air conditioning company have a minimum of 10 years experience?

  11. Secure a deal on your emergency AC house call.
  12. Save money on an emergency air conditioning house call by hiring St. Louis City AC            contractors, featuring a coupon on their website.

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  1. 7)Request 24/7 Air conditioning repair in St. Louis City here.


Please dial (314) 664-3011 for 24/7 air conditioner service, from a licensed, bonded, and trusted St. Louis air conditioning company. (And don’t forget to redeem your coupon).

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