In our DIY culture, YouTube likely has so many instructional videos for your air conditioning issues. Promising products stock the shelves of Home Depot from rudimentary duct tape to insulated flexible ductwork. Before you pick up a speedy HVAC install kit for $100, here’s a guideline for DIY versus professional air conditioning tasks for your St Louis area home.

DIY for Air Conditioners – Do It Yourself Tasks

Here are some of the AC tasks you can normally complete on your own without much expert help:

  • Check out and replace air filters. Note the appropriate size from your air handler and the MERV filtration level from your manual. Some filters are designed for monthly replacements and others last up to three months. If you are unsure what type of air filter your St Louis, MO home takes, call Hoffmann Brothers at (314) 664-3011
  • Program the thermostat. You know your home and family best. The factory settings may not suit your preferences and needs change due to the hot St Louis, MO summers, vacations away, houseguests, and new routines. Adjust the set point and cyclical programming of your thermostat as needed.
  • Monitor the budget. Your air conditioning is likely the largest energy user in your home over the summer. Keep an eye on your utility bill and note deviations. Spikes in energy use indicate wear or damage. A professional can diagnose fluctuations thoroughly to restore your unit to peak efficiency. To learn more, contact us here.

Expert Air Conditioning Tasks – When It’s Time to Call the Pros

It’s wisest to call a licensed and certified air conditioning contractor for any of these following important tasks:

  • Perform preventative maintenance each spring. Annual maintenance for your air conditioning unit is recommended. A professional will need to come out to your St Louis, MO home and clean the unit, replace any worn parts, restore your unit to peak efficiency, and prevent a failure or premature replacement.
  • Install an air conditioning unit. New and replacement air conditioning installation are best for a professional. Whether you have a central or a ductless system, a licensed professional will ensure peak performance, lower monthly utility use, equipment longevity, and the best in interior comfort for your family.
  • Repair your air conditioning unit. A professional will assess the root cause of your air conditioning issue, rather than place a temporary Band-Aid on the problem. A St Louis, MO licensed repair will fix your unit right the first time and keep you comfortable until the next preventative maintenance visit.

When a licensed contractor from Hoffmann Brothers visits your St Louis home for air conditioning install, repair, or preventative maintenance, the service doesn’t end after your technician leaves. Not only does every installation include six guarantees, but also our qualified contractors provide recommendations to achieve peak performance from your air conditioning unit.

Call (314) 664-3011 to put your air conditioning in expert hands this summer. Ask about our Peace of Mind Total Service Guarantee.

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