Band-Aids and HVAC Repair: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Band-Aids have a place in your home’s first aid box just like HVAC repair has a place in restoring the cool temperature of your home. But adhesive bandages are not always the best option in medicine. And repair is not always the best long-term solution for your energy bills.

Let’s walk through the good, the bad, and the ugly of simple versus comprehensive solutions for your cooling system, and how Hoffmann Brothers can help you choose.

The Good

A Band-Aid can control the bleeding and protect a cut. It’s a simple and inexpensive item available at your local drugstore.

In the same way, an air conditioning repair is immediately less expensive than a replacement. It turns your unit back on and pumps out cool air to your home.


The Bad

Sometimes a Band-Aid is used to cover a wound that needs stitches. You keep opening the wound, loosing blood, and exposing yourself to infection each time the dressing wears off and needs repeated disinfection.

Similarly, an air conditioning repair can be a temporary fix. An ineffective repair leads to another service call and further expense. Sometimes homeowners are faced with an uncomfortable AC failure in the heat of the summer. Blow drying your hair, sleeping, and cooking are difficult without AC. Humidity and heat can also be dangerous for those with health conditions.

The Ugly

Boxes of Band-Aids are easy on your wallet. High monthly utility bills from inefficient air conditioning, and invoices for multiple repair visits to inadequately fix a cooling problem, are not.

Air Conditioning Repair versus Replacement

Prevention is the best policy in air conditioning repair. An annual preventative maintenance plan from Hoffmann Brothers can eliminate repairs or keep them affordable. After prevention, a qualified Hoffmann Brother’s technician will consider a repair versus replacement. Our contractors never support a quick fix because the homeowner suffers from higher monthly utility bills or risks an uncomfortable shutdown of an inevitably failing unit.

The good news about a replacement is new options in air conditioning are quieter and more efficient than ever. Federal and local tax rebates may be available to you along with a Hoffmann Brothers promotion, warranty, and six-fold guarantee.

Call (314) 664-3011 for a free estimate on your HVAC repair issue.

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