Whole Home Humidifier Services Improve the quality of the air in your home with a Whole House Humidifier. Nashville’s (mostly) dry winters and humid summers can make regulating your home’s humidity levels a true challenge. A humidifier can help with that.

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Whole House Humidifiers in Nashville, TN

Whole Home Humidifier Services
Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) accounts for how the air inside homes and businesses affects your health, comfort, and ability to work. When your home has a comfortable temperature and humidity level, sufficient fresh air, and indoor/outdoor pollution control, you have good indoor air quality. If you don’t have those things, it is time to consider a Whole House Humidifier for your Nashville area home.

A Humidifier Can Improve The Air You Breathe

Improving the IAQ of your home or business becomes more important when you consider the amount of time that Americans spend inside – about 90%. According to the EPA, “the concentrations of some pollutants are often 2 to 5 times higher” indoors than they are outdoors.

What is a Whole House Humidifier?

An air humidifier is a portable or permanent mechanism that adds moisture to the air in a given room, home, or business. Whole-house humidifiers are installed in the ductwork of your property and get connected to a water source so regulate humidity levels.

What Does a Humidifier Do?

A humidifier adds moisture to the air in order to regulate the humidity level (or relative humidity) indoors vs. that of outdoors.

Relative Humidity (RH) is the percentage of water vapor the air is “holding” vs. the amount it is capable of holding at a given temperature.

In the winter, the indoor RH is much lower than the outdoor RH. That means the air in your home is more likely to feel dry and in need of moisture. A humidifier can help you accomplish this.

Humidifier Benefits

You may be wondering, “Do humidifiers help?” And the answer is yes. There are several impactful benefits of adding a room humidifier or a whole house humidifier to your home or business. They help …

  • Make your home/business more comfortable
  • Solve problems like dry skin and sinus pain
  • Better control dust mites and mold growth
  • Maintain the integrity of your home’s furniture and construction
  • Improve your home’s ability to efficiently hold heat

Whole Home Humidifier Services

Types of Humidifiers

Hoffmann Brothers offers a variety of humidifiers to ensure your comfort and the optimum efficiency of your heating system. Our team of trained technicians will help you choose the best size, type, and style of humidifier to meet your needs and your budget.

Whole Home Humidifier

Known most popularly as a “Whole House Humidifier,” this unit attaches to your central heating and AC system to bring moisture to the air in every room of your home or business through its ductwork. At Hoffmann Brothers we provide Whole House Humidifier services for Nashville, Tennessee and the surrounding communities.

Portable Humidifier

Gives you the flexibility to add moisture to the air in the room(s) you spend the most time in – like your bedroom.

FAQ’s About Whole Home Humidifiers

How to Clean a Humidifier?

To deep clean your portable humidifier, follow these steps after unplugging it:

  • Disassemble it, and pour out any water in the tank and base.
  • Fill the base with vinegar, and put any other smaller parts in a container of vinegar. Let them sit for 30 minutes. Then use a soft-bristled brush to remove any residue stuck to the parts.
  • While your base and parts are soaking, make a cleaning solution of 1 gallon of water and 1 teaspoon of bleach or 3% hydrogen peroxide. Swirl the solution to coat the tank; pour it out.
  • Rinse your base and tank with regular tap water until you don’t smell the vinegar and bleach. Then lay them out to dry.
  • Reassemble and resume running.

Does A Humidifier Help With Allergies?

Yes, you can actually reduce allergy symptoms and prevent the irritation and side effects allergens cause with the help of a humidifier. It can help keep your nasal passages clear and prevent that dry, scratchy feeling in your throat.

Humidifier vs. Dehumidifier – Which One Do I Need?

If your home or business feels dry, you need a humidifier to add moisture to the air. If your home feels almost damp, you need some of that moisture taken out of the air and, therefore, a dehumidifier.

Does Hoffmann Offer Humidifier Installation, Repair, And Maintenance?

You bet! Whether you have a home humidifier that needs servicing, repairs, upgrades, or installation, our technicians are trained and ready to get it in working order for you.

Resources for Nashville Residents

Qualified Humidifier Installation Near Nashville, TN

Take the steps to ensure your home or business has great indoor air quality. Call Hoffmann Brothers today at 615-515-3015 to get an estimate and guidance on the best size, type, and style of humidifier for your home and budget. We have over 40 proud years of experience serving homes and business and can complete your installation or repair quickly and efficiently. Get started today!

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