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Plumber Nashville - Hoffmann BrothersWhen you need a plumbing inspection, make sure a licensed and qualified Nashville plumbing contractor like Hoffmann Brothers performs it. Different kinds of inspections exist. Hoffmann Brothers offers two types of plumbing inspections for your Nashville home: home sale plumbing inspections and plumbing evaluations.

Get started with your Nashville plumbing inspection today by calling Hoffmann Brothers at 615-515-3015.

Nashville Home Sale Plumbing Inspections

When you buy or sell a home, an inspection of all the plumbing fixtures and systems is required to ensure they are in good working order. A Hoffmann Brothers plumber will evaluate the plumbing systems, provide a report, and help ensure that the plumbing systems will not cause any unforeseen problems before or after the sale is complete.

Get Your Home Gas Inspection at the Same Time

Hoffmann Brothers also offers Home Gas Inspections. Property owners can easily schedule an HVAC technician and a plumber to perform the plumbing and gas inspection at the same time; there is no need for separate appointments, unless it is more convenient for you! Call Hoffmann Brothers today to schedule your plumbing inspection.

Nashville Plumbing Evaluations

Our plumbing evaluation includes testing the faucets, toilets, garbage disposal, dishwasher, washing machine hoses and valves, water heater, water filtrations systems, water lines, and more!

Hoffmann Brothers offers a Home Protection Plan with plumbing that provides:

  • One plumbing evaluation per year
  • Priority service
  • 15% off plumbing repairs and drain cleaning
  • One free bottle of Bio One

Nashville Home Protection Plan

Ensure the safety of your Nashville home’s heating, cooling, and plumbing systems by joining our Home Protection Plan today.

Drain and Sewer Inspections for Nashville Properties

Hoffmann Brothers also offers drain and sewer camera inspections that are performed with fiber optic cameras and video lines. Call Hoffmann Brothers today to schedule your drain and sewer inspection.

Plumbing Inspection Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Included In A Plumbing Inspection?

Your home’s plumbing system is a complex network. It is important that an experienced plumber conducts a plumbing inspection especially when buying or selling your home. During a Nashville plumbing inspection, we perform a thorough analysis of your home’s faucets, toilets, water heater, garbage disposal, plumbing pipes, and more.

What Should I Include On My DIY Plumbing Inspection Checklist?

First, test each tap in your home by turning it on and off. Be alert for any leaks, odd noises, discolored water, or low pressure. After turning all the taps off, check if the water meter is still going, which can indicate a leak. Next, inspect your drains for strange odors, slow drainage, or gurgling sounds that could suggest a clog. Don’t forget to probe your pipes for signs of damage. Remember, a plumbing inspection is best performed by a licensed plumber.

How Can I Prepare My Home To Pass A Plumbing Inspection?

Performing regular preventative maintenance on your plumbing system is the best way to keep it in good working condition. Other ways to help your home ace the test include making sure water runs from the taps properly, your drains empty without any hiccups, there are no leaks in your pipeage, and that your toilets flush. If you suspect any problems while preparing your Nashville home for an inspection, call a licensed plumber today.

Nashville Plumbing Inspections - Hoffmann Brothers

Call the Nashville Plumbers Inspection Experts at Hoffmann Brothers

For over 40 years, Hoffmann Brothers has proudly installed and serviced plumbing systems in and has recently expanded to the Nashville Metropolitan Area. We are reliable, trained, licensed, and we get the job done fast and right!

Contact Hoffmann Brothers, the premier Nashville plumbing inspection contractor, today at 615-515-3015 for all of your plumbing services, repairs, and drain cleaning needs.

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