Hoffmann Brothers is proud to partner with Wags & Walks Nashville to help “Bring Happiness Home” in the Nashville community. Hoffmann Brothers and Wags & Walks have shared goals, to improve the communities we serve, sharing a profound love for the Nashville community, and a joint commitment to giving back. Hoffmann Brothers is happy to have raised over $5,000 in 2023 to give back to Wags & Walks, and are excited to continue our support of Nashville’s animals in need.

The Foundation: Our February and March Promotion

$5000 donation check for Wags and Walks

The foundation of our partnership with Wags & Walks is our annual February and March promotion. During these months, when you choose Hoffmann Brothers for your home services, not only do you receive exceptional quality, but you also contribute directly to the cause. Hoffmann Brothers will donate a percent of all February and March sales back to Wags & Walks, ensuring your choice has a meaningful impact on the rescue and adoption of animals in need. Whether it’s a pesky plumbing concern, upgrading electrical outlets or replacing your heating and cooling system, any service will contribute to supporting Wags & Walks! Call Hoffmann Brothers at 615-515-3015 or schedule online today to participate.

“Improving Life in Every Home” with Hoffmann Brothers

Hoffmann Brothers, with over 40 years of expertise, goes beyond being a service provider – we’re a community-centric company devoted to “Improving Life in Every Home.” That includes our employees, our customers, and our community. Schedule HVAC, Plumbing, Drains, or Electrical services in February and March, and know that a portion of all sales will be donated to Wags & Walks, creating a positive impact in every Nashville home.

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“Bring Happiness Home” with Wags & Walks

Wags and Walks mural that reads 'Bring Happiness Home'

Wags & Walks Nashville, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, is more than a rescue organization – it’s a community of passionate dog lovers with a mission to “Bring Happiness Home.” The Wags & Walks team saw an opportunity to make an impact in the Nashville area because many dogs were being euthanized due to overcrowding in local and rural shelters. They are dedicated to advocating for stereotyped breeds, medical dogs, and at-risk/overlooked dogs due to overcrowding. Support their commitment to providing a second chance for dogs by adopting, volunteering, making a donation or scheduling your service with Hoffmann Brothers during February and March. Last but not least, when you adopt a dog in February and March, you’ll get a limited edition Hoffmann Brothers swag bag too!

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Making a Difference, One Home at a Time

Wags and Walks dog adoption

Hoffmann Brothers and Wags & Walks share a common goal – a deep commitment to the Nashville community. Opt for services that align with this mission, enhancing not only your home but also actively supporting Wags & Walks’ cause.

When you choose Hoffmann Brothers, it’s more than a commitment to quality – it’s an active participation in our joint effort to “Improve Life in Every Home” and “Bring Happiness Home.” Nashville, become a part of this collaborative initiative. Schedule your services now, and throughout February and March, let’s create a lasting impact, one home at a time!