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Air conditioning manufacturers recommend an annual AC tune-up. With regular maintenance, air conditioning units have an average lifespan of 10–15 years. Without regular maintenance, though, your AC system could quickly develop problems that require expensive repairs or a complete system replacement. It’s important to realize that most manufacturers also require maintenance upkeep to guarantee warranties associated with your AC system.
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The HVAC technicians at Hoffmann Brothers provide a full range of AC services (including basic maintenance and service repairs on broken units). We also repair AC systems of all types, sizes, and brands of cooling units and will provide AC installation your new unit when a replacement is required.

With our Home Protection Plan, air conditioner maintenance is included along with free filters, and priority service. To book your annual air conditioner maintenance appointment, or to become a member of our Home Protection Plan, call Hoffmann Brothers today at 615-515-3015.

Routine AC Maintenance Services for Nashville Homes

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Air conditioners are a lot like cars. If you don’t perform routine maintenance, it will eventually stop running. It’s been proven time and again that routine maintenance will extend the life of your AC unit, increase its efficiency, decrease the odds of needing repairs, improve performance, and lower your utility bills.

Although some things should be left to the professionals at Hoffmann Brothers, there are plenty of DIY maintenance duties that will extend the lifespan of your AC unit and keep it running at peak efficiency!

  • Changing the Filters – The most important maintenance task is to replace or clean its filters every month or two during the cooling seasons. This is why every manufacturer mandates maintenance must be performed or they have the right to void their warranty. Clogged, dirty filters reduce airflow and decrease HVAC systems’ efficiency by as much as 30%, and a clogged condenser coil will damage the unit.
  • Outside AC Unit Maintenance – Inspect the outdoor unit monthly to make sure that nothing (like dirt, leaves, grass, and other debris) is blocking the airflow across the condenser coils, causing strain. If you see that your outdoor AC unit is becoming dirty, call the certified technicians at Hoffmann Brothers to perform more complex maintenance!
  • Check Thermostat – We offer Thermostat Installation and repairs when your system is not responding properly.

Hoffmann Brothers Nashville AC Maintenance

Scheduling Central Air Conditioner Maintenance

Call Hoffmann Brothers today to schedule your air conditioning system maintenance, and join our Home Protection Plan for perks like:

  • Priority Service
  • 15% Off all repairs, if needed
  • Two Precision Tune-Ups, including FREE filters
  • Free Humidifier Service with Pad
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantees
  • Discounted Diagnostic Fees
  • Discounts on New Equipment and Indoor Air Quality Systems
  • Much More!

Common FAQ’s About AC Maintenance

Is It Necessary To Service My Air Conditioner Every Year?

Hoffmann Brothers Heating & Air Conditioning recommends that your air conditioner be serviced at least once a year. Getting an annual tune-up will keep your AC running at its highest efficiency while lowering your energy bills and chances for system breakdowns in the future.

What Maintenance Does My Air Conditioner Need?

Several components of your air conditioner require routine maintenance. The U.S. Department of Energy recommends that you replace or clean your AC’s filter at least monthly during the cooling season; this can reduce its energy consumption by 15%. The DOE also suggests annual cleaning of your AC’s coils, which collect dirt over time. For when your air conditioner needs more than routine maintenance, call on Nashville’s AC experts at Hoffmann Brothers Heating & Air Conditioning.

Is It Better For The Air Conditioner To Run Using Short Bursts Of Cooling (Running For Five To Seven Minutes At A Time) Or To Stay On For Longer Periods Of Time?

Longer periods of time. When your AC unit turns on, it can take up to 10 minutes for the unit to reach peak efficiency and remove moisture from the air. When you allow a unit to run only five to seven minutes, you prevent the unit from running at maximum efficiency.

Why Is My Air Conditioner Running, But Not Cooling?

There could be several reasons why your air conditioner isn’t cooling your home properly. An easy solution may be to set your thermostat to auto settings at your desired temperature, instead of the fan setting–which just pushes the air around. You can also clean or replace a dirty filter to promote airflow of the cooled air into your home. Other culprits of a faulty AC may include low refrigerant levels, leaky air ducts, dirty evaporator coils, or a broken AC fan motor.

Contact Nashville’s Home Air Conditioner Maintenance Experts

For over 40 years, Hoffmann Brothers has proudly installed and serviced heating and cooling systems and now serves Nashville Metropolitan Area. We service and repair all brands of HVAC systems and install American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning.

Please give Hoffmann Brothers, the premier Nashville heating and cooling contractor, a call today at 615-515-3015.

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