American Standard Package Unit Installation - Hoffmann BrothersIn Nashville, Central heat and air package units are growing in popularity. These are all-in-one systems contained in one unit (instead of the common indoor and outdoor combo). Call on the experienced team at Hoffmann Brothers as your licensed and reliable package unit HVAC companies in Nashville, TN. We are trained to handle routine and complex issues and can perform:

  • Installation and Replacements of your packaged HVAC system – We install the American Standard brand
  • Repairs
  • Maintenance recommended by manufacturers

For immediate service of your packaged AC and heating system in Nashville, call the expert technicians at Hoffmann Brothers today at 615-515-3015.

American Standard Package Unit Installation

Best HVAC Contractor Nashville Expertise
Having a licensed and qualified HVAC contractor like Hoffmann Brothers handle the installation or replacement of your cooling and heating system will affect the performance and lifespan of the unit. It can save you from breakdowns during the hot Nashville summers when you need your HVAC package system to operate at its peak.

Hoffmann Brothers provides experienced installation of American Standard package units to ensure Nashville properties have a variety of solid AC and heating options.

Our trained technicians will go over all of the important factors of your property to help you select a cooling system for your home including:

  • Size
  • Space
  • Location (ground level or rooftop)
  • SEER rating
  • Budget and financing
  • Rebates, coupons, incentives, tax credits

Measurements will be taken by a Hoffmann Brothers HVAC technician to ensure your property has sufficient space to accommodate the type and size of packaged system unit you desire. Once this is done, you are sure to find that packaged systems are space savers; you no longer have to accommodate two bulky systems but one sleek, efficient unit.

Contact Hoffmann Brothers to request a quote for package AC unit installation for your home or business today.

Types of HVAC Package Systems We Service

At Hoffmann Brothers we perform installation of American Standard package units and can service nearly all brands and types of systems including:

  • Packaged Unit AC Systems
  • Heat Pump Package Units
  • Packaged Gas & Electric Systems (gas furnace, electric blower)
  • Dual Fuel Packaged Systems (heat pump & gas furnace)

Nashville Repairs for HVAC Packaged Systems

Call on our trained technicians to fully service and repair your packaged system throughout Nashville.

Whether you have recently moved or have lived in your current home for many years, it is important to know the warning signs that your cooling system needs repair or is about to go kaput. An AC unit breakdown at the height of summer is not something you want to take you by surprise.

  • The following warning signs can help you seek repairs or prepare and replace the unit – before it becomes a sweaty problem.
  • Age of AC Unit – The average lifespan is typically 10 years. If your unit is 10+ years old, schedule an inspection.
  • Large Parts Need Replaced – If a coil or the compressor need replaced, it may be smarter and more economical in the long run to replace the whole unit.
  • Adding Refrigerant – If you need to add a large amount of refrigerant every year, your unit is likely ready for replacement.
  • Lack of Cold Air Blowing – If your unit is not blowing cold air, it is not functioning properly and needs repaired or replaced.

If these warning signs sound familiar, call Hoffmann Brothers today to schedule an inspection, repair, or replacement.

HVAC Package Unit Maintenance Is A Must

To get the most out of your packaged system, most manufacturers recommend annual maintenance by a trained HVAC technician. During a maintenance visit, the HVAC contractors at Hoffmann Brothers will walk through a checklist and cleaning procedure that targets four essential areas:

  • Safety of Your Unit – We’ll check for carbon monoxide dangers as well as combustion specific fixtures.
  • Health of Your System – This is where cleaning and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) maintenance become important.
  • Energy savings – During the preventative maintenance check up, Hoffmann Brothers contractors perform a tune up of your system to maximize efficiency, with the aim of better performance and lower energy bills.
  • Life extension – Many warranties require annual maintenance. Be sure to check yours. Maintenance will add to the lifespan of your system.

FAQs about Packaged Systems

What is a packaged system?

A packaged system is a heating and cooling system all in one unit that is installed outside on the ground floor or the roof of a residential or commercial building.

What is the difference between a split system and a packaged system?

A split system has both an indoor and an outdoor unit that work together for heating and cooling a residence. A packaged system has a single unit that houses all the parts and does all of the work to heat and cool the home.

What is SEER value?

SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. It is the measurement of efficiency for an air conditioner over a cooling season.

Hoffmann Brothers Nashville

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For over 40 years, Hoffmann Brothers has proudly installed and serviced HVAC systems and has recently expanded to the Nashville Metropolitan Area. We are reliable, trained, licensed, and we get the job done fast and right!

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