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a Generator Installation

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Hoffmann Brothers’ licensed electricians can repair, install, and maintain all types of electric generators in the Nashville area for residential and commercial properties. Our highly trained and experienced electricians ensure reliable and efficient generator performance. Whether you need a repair or want to install a new generator in your Nashville home or business, you can rely on Hoffmann Brothers to get the job done right.

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Hoffmann Brothers: Reliable Electric Generator Service

Nashville Electric Generator Repair Technicians at Hoffmann Bros

Hoffmann Brothers understands the importance of having a reliable generator during power outages. Losing power can mean losing heating, air conditioning, refrigeration, and other essential appliances in your home or business. Investing in a backup generator ensures you have an uninterrupted power supply.

It’s essential to have trained and licensed electricians perform your generator installation or repair. Our electricians at Hoffmann Brothers undergo continuous training to ensure you receive top-quality service. Call 615-515-3015 or schedule online to book your electric generator service or to receive a bid for an installation.

Electric Generator Installation in Nashville

Suppose you want to install the best electric generator for your home or business. In that case, Hoffmann Brothers can provide quotes for options that suit your needs. We offer complete whole-house coverage, managed whole-house coverage, and essential circuit coverage.

Complete Whole House Coverage

We offer a range of home electrical generators and transfer switches that can protect every circuit on your property, no matter how big.

Managed Whole House Coverage

If you don’t use all your appliances simultaneously, opting for a smaller generator paired with a power management power switch is a practical alternative that is the next best option to complete whole-house coverage.

Essential Circuit Coverage

Consider sizing your generator system according to your essential needs rather than your home’s square footage. This approach allows you to select a backup power solution that aligns precisely with your power usage and conditions.

Electric Generator Installation Safety

Nashville Electric Generator Installation Being Performed by Hoffmann Bros

An electric home generator installation can pose significant safety risks if not handled by professionals. Working with generators involves high-voltage electricity and intricate wiring, which can be hazardous to your and your property’s safety. Improper installation can result in electrical shock, fire, or damage to the generator.

Hoffmann Brothers’ electricians are licensed, trained, and experienced to properly size and install your generator and ensure it complies with local codes. Entrusting your generator service to the experts at Hoffmann Brothers ensures the safety of your family and property.

Electric Generator Repairs in Nashville

Nashville Electric Generator Repair Example by Hoffmann Bros

Hoffmann Brothers can repair any electrical generator your home or business has. We can handle your repair needs even if we didn’t install your generator. Our number one priority is the comfort and safety of your family, and our electricians will get your generator back up and running quickly.

Some signs your generator needs a repair are:

  • Your generator has trouble starting or is slow to start
  • Your generator has a low power flow
  • You notice damage to wiring, hoses, or fuel lines
  • Your generator is leaking fuel or smells like gas

How Does an Electric Generator Work?

Electric generators convert mechanical energy into electrical energy. A generator has a rotor and a stator. The rotor spins within the stator, generating a magnetic field that interacts with the coils in the stator. This interaction produces an electric current within the coils. The electrical energy can be used to power a home or business during outages or in remote areas. Generators offer peace of mind to maintain comfort and safety during power loss.

Electric Generation Installation FAQs

How much does it cost to install a generator in your home?

The cost of installing a generator can vary depending on the type and size of the generator you need. Our electricians will provide you with options that keep your specific budget and needs in mind..

Can I plug my generator directly into my house?

A generator should never be directly plugged into your home without a transfer switch. This could result in serious safety hazards and damage to your home and generator. A licensed electrician will install a transfer switch, which safely switches power from your electrical utility to your generator.

Do I need an electrician to connect a generator to my house?

A generator should always be installed by a licensed and experienced electrician. Attempting to install a generator yourself can lead to serious safety issues and can damage your generator and your home’s electrical system.

How much is a generator for a 2000 sq ft house?

A 17 to 20 kW generator is recommended for a 2,000 square foot home, and the price of the unit alone can vary between $4,000 and $6,500 depending on a multitude of factors. Speak with a Hoffmann electric generator specialist for a quote.

Count on Hoffmann Bros for Your Generator Needs in Nashville

Ensure you have an uninterrupted power supply with an electrical generator. Whether you own one or are considering installation for your home or business, our licensed electricians have you covered.

Hoffmann Brothers have been providing award-winning service to our customers for over 40 years. You can rely on our electricians for safe and professional work during your generator installation or repair in Nashville. Contact us at 615-515-3015 or book online to get started!

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