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Air Conditioning Repair Nashville, TN - Hoffmann Brothers

Top Air Conditioning Repair Contractors in Nashville

There isn’t much worse than your AC not working during the heat of the Nashville summers. Your air conditioner never breaks down at a convenient time. When your AC stops working you need a reliable HVAC contractor to call. The technicians from Hoffmann Brothers Heating & Air Conditioning provide AC repair work for all types of air conditioning systems. We are trained to provide reliable Nashville AC Services on any brand of air conditioner.

To request AC repair in Nashville, TN call Hoffmann Brothers today at 615-515-3015.

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Air Conditioning Repair Service in Nashville, Tennessee

When you contact Hoffmann Brothers, we will always come out to do a thorough diagnosis of the AC issues you are currently having. We will provide you options for repair, and allow you to choose what is best for you and your family. We come with a fully stocked truck, and unless you need a special order part, we can fix your air conditioner while we are there.

The fast, reliable air conditioning service repairs provided by Hoffmann Brothers technicians will improve the performance of your air conditioner, help it run more cost-effectively, and extend the life of your AC unit! Call Hoffmann Brothers today to schedule a repair.

Warning Signs Your Air Conditioner May Need Repair Work

AC not cooling? AC not blowing cold air? Here are some red flags to pay attention to:

  • Takes longer to cool down your home or business – This can lead to increased humidity in rooms and can be a sign of reduced cooling capacity or a broken part in the core unit.
  • Rising energy bills – Your air conditioning unit may be clogged or broken. If you have an outdoor unit, check for any blockages and excess dirt/debris buildup on the vents and filters.
  • Water appears on your ceiling – For units in the attic, water on the ceiling is another sign of reduced cooling capacity or a broken part in the core unit.
  • Noisiness – If your AC unit suddenly becomes noisy, it may have a faulty motor or debris trapped inside.
  • Thermostat Problems – We offer Thermostat Replacement and repairs when your system isn’t responding

If you notice any of these signs, call Hoffmann Brothers right away to schedule a repair! We will send a service technician to properly diagnose the problem with your AC system. If not fixed quickly and correctly, one small problem (like a clogged filter) will strain the AC unit and could lead to other parts breaking. In some cases, your home may be due for a professional air duct cleaning to resolve common blockage and airflow issues. Call Hoffmann Brothers and let our professional technicians check or schedule a repair of your cooling system.

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We Fix Most Air Conditioner Brands

At Hoffmann Brothers, our experienced technicians can perform AC Repair in Nashville for nearly all air conditioner brands including these:

Hoffmann Brother’s Nashville Home AC Repair Technicians

Best HVAC Contractor Nashville Expertise
Hoffmann Brothers technicians are trained and experienced professionals with expertise in heating and cooling systems. All of our employees undergo background checks and random drug testing. You can rest assured that any Hoffmann Brothers employee who enters your home is safe, trustworthy. We wouldn’t send anyone to your home that we wouldn’t want in ours.

To ensure we also respect your home and property just as we do our own, all of our technicians wear shoe covers and put down drop cloths to make sure your home stays clean.

Hoffmann Brothers Nashville

Common FAQ’s About AC Repair

How Much Do Air Conditioning Repairs Cost?

The cost for air conditioning repairs may vary based on the repairs being done and the type of air conditioner being serviced. Investing in smaller AC repairs now could save you from more serious and costly repairs down the line.

What Do I Do If My Air Conditioner Is Not Cooling?

If your AC is not keeping you cool enough, make sure all windows and doors of your home are closed, open all air conditioner vents, set your thermostat to cool and turn it below room temperature, and power off humidifiers. Another way to increase your AC’s cooling capacity is to replace or clean your filter, which is located in the air handler cabinet. If after performing these maintenance measures your AC is still not cooling properly, call on the trained technicians at Hoffmann Brothers Heating & Air Conditioning to handle any air conditioning repairs.

Be sure to review our AC Troubleshooting Guide for more.

Should I Replace Or Repair My Air Conditioning System?

Since air conditioners typically have a time span of 10 years, it may be wise to consider replacement if your AC unit is around this age. Other red flags your AC may need replacement include inefficiencies, or a need for large amounts of additional refrigerant for your AC to function. Beyond this, consider AC repair if your house is not cooled to the temperature set on the thermostat, your energy bills have spiked, or your AC is making strange noises.

Contact Nashville’s Expert Heating & Cooling Repair Contractors at Hoffmann Brothers

For over 40 years, Hoffmann Brothers has proudly installed and serviced heating and cooling systems and now serves Nashville, TN. We service and repair all brands of HVAC systems and install American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning.

Please give Hoffmann Brothers, the premier Nashville heating and cooling contractor, a call today at 615-515-3015.

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