Schedule Your Heat Pump Maintenance in Nashville, TN

Heat Pump Maintenance Nashville, TN

Our HVAC Techs Will Tune Up Your Heat Pump System

An annual or biannual heat pump tune up in Nashville, Tennessee, is essential to optimum heat pump performance and mitigating repairs. Hoffmann Brothers provides experienced heat pump service in Nashville, including licensed heat pump maintenance. Call us at (615) 515-3031 to get started with our award-winning Nashville HVAC services.

Recommended Nashville Preventative Heat Pump Maintenance

Heat Pump Maintenance Nashville, TN

Don’t Skip Annual Heat Pump Maintenance

Every HVAC system requires maintenance, and a heat pump is no exception. Heat pumps require at least annual tune ups; although biannual appointments are necessary if it is the primary heating and cooling system. Regular maintenance helps avoid repairs, keeps it operating at peak performance – which means lower utility bills, and extends the system’s lifespan.

If your Nashville home’s heat pump has never been serviced, you are overdue for a maintenance appointment. These tune-ups are also typically a requirement for manufacturer warranties.

Aside from keeping your regularly scheduled maintenance appointments with a trusted HVAC technician, you should also change the filter monthly. The outdoor unit will also need its coils cleaned and cleared of debris or vegetation accumulated with passing seasons.

So before you turn your heat pump on for the heating or cooling next season, call Hoffmann Brothers for a heat pump tune up in Nashville, TN.

The difference between the energy consumption of a well-maintained heat pump and a severely neglected one ranges from 10% to 25%.” – US Department of Energy [1]

Nashville Maintenance for These Types & Brands of Heat Pumps

Commercial Heat Pump Tune Up Nashville, TN

Tune Up These Heat Pumps Types and More

Our technicians are trained and experienced to provide maintenance for nearly all brands and the following types of heat pumps:

  • Ductless Heat Pump Systems (also called mini split heat pumps)
  • Dual fuel heat pump
  • Air source heat pump
  • Single Stage
  • 2-Stage Heat Pumps (with either one or two compressors)

Maintenance for Most Heat Pump Brands

Our team is trained and experienced in providing heat pump maintenance in Nashville for most brands including:

  • American Standard Heat Pumps
  • Goodman Heat Pumps
  • Trane Heat Pumps
  • Mitsubishi Heat Pump
  • Carrier Heat Pump
  • Lennox Heat Pumps

Nashville Heat Pump Tune Up – Why Annual Maintenance Matters

Over time parts of a heat pump will experience wear and tear. However, this can be minimized by annual heat pump maintenance. Doing so will also:

  • reduce the number of repairs necessary over the heat pump’s lifespan
  • extending its life expectancy
  • prevent damage to parts like the compressor
  • ensure optimum airflow

These preventative maintenance measures will keep your heat pump operating at peak efficiency for much longer than a system that has been neglected or sporadically maintained. Plus, it will save you money in the short and long run by reducing operating and repair costs.

Heat Pump Tune-Up Checklist for Homes and Businesses

Wondering what a heat pump tune up entails? The technicians at Hoffmann Brothers will follow this checklist to ensure your heat pump is operating at peak performance for its entire lifespan:

  • Clean and clear all parts of dirt and debris
  • Seal any leaks found during inspection
  • Check for sufficient airflow (and change air filter if needed) as well as proper refrigerant levels and charge
  • Lubricate the motors, and inspect the belts for tightness and wear
  • Inspect electric terminals and connections, then applying non-conductive coating as needed
  • Verify the correct electric control to ensure the heating or cooling is locked out depending on what the thermostat reads
  • Confirm thermostat is working properly
  • Replace parts as needed

Commercial Heat Pump Maintenance in Nashville

Heat Pump Tune Up Nashville, TN

Nashville Business Property Heat Pumps

Does your Nashville commercial property have a heat pump? Hoffmann Brothers HVAC technicians can help ensure your business is safe and comfortable year-round with annual or biannual maintenance appointments. We know that when temperatures rise or fall quickly, your business relies on that switch to heating or cooling going off without a hitch to keep employees and customers content.

Hoffmann Brothers provides preventative maintenance services for single and two-stage commercial heat pumps, so call our team to help keep your commercial property comfortable.

Contact the Pros for Heat Pump Maintenance Services

Heat Pump Maintenance Nashville, TN

Hoffmann Brothers has been keeping residential and commercial properties comfortable for over 40 years. Our licensed HVAC technicians have the experience and training to keep your Nashville home or business warm or cool as the temperatures dictate. We pride ourselves on our award-winning service from a team that makes Hoffmann Brothers one of the top places to work. We know the trust you place in our hands and honor it by guaranteeing our work.

Call us at (615) 515-3031 or complete our online form to schedule your next Nashville heat pump maintenance appointment and see for yourself!

FAQs About Heat Pump Systems

Do Heat Pumps Need To Be Cleaned?

Yes, it is essential to routinely clean your heat pump’s outdoor coils as well as clear debris and vegetation on top of your annual maintenance appointment. Doing so will help keep your heat pump operating at an optimum level.

How Often Should My Heat Pump Be Serviced?

The US Department of Energy recommends cleaning or changing the air filter monthly or as needed and maintaining your heat pump according to the manufacturer’s instructions (typically once or twice a year).

How much does heat pump maintenance cost?

The cost of heat pump maintenance typically varies depending on the location, age, model, and complexity of the heat pump. The Hoffmann Brothers Home Protection Plan includes biannual maintenance visits for its members.

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