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Fans are a great way to make your home comfortable at a reasonable cost. Hoffmann Brothers offers whole house fan services throughout the entire St Louis area. Our licensed electricians can install, repair, service and replace these cooling systems in your home quickly and efficiently. To get started, call our team at 314-664-3011 or fill out our online request form today.

Learn The Basics:

Whole House Fan Installation Throughout St Louis

A whole house fan is installed on the ceiling between the attic and living space. They are used to help circulate air and provide good attic ventilation in addition to whole house cooling. The St Louis electricians at Hoffmann Brothers have installed many whole home fans for our St Louis clients as a way to help with air circulation during our hot St Louis summers. Choose an electrician who has experience with whole house fans because there are many things to consider when you have one installed. The size of the fan is one very important part. Let Hoffmann Brothers be the answer to your search for “whole house fan installation near me.”

Whole House Fans St Louis - Hoffmann Brothers

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Our electricians can help determine what size is best for your home to ensure the best volume of air and that you meet all electrical codes. To learn more about the use of a whole house ventilation fan, call the electricians at Hoffmann Brothers at 314-664-3011.

Common Whole House Fan FAQ’s

What Is a Whole House Fan?

A whole house fan is a type of cooling system that produces strong attic ventilation and cooling for an entire property through systematic circulation of air. Cool air is drawn from outside into the house to cool it. Hot air out is forced out through the attic vents. You can also learn how a whole house fan works.

Where Is a Whole House Fan Installed?

Whole house fans are installed in the ceiling between the living space and the attic.

Are Whole House Fans and Attic Fans the Same Thing?

The two are often confused but are different systems. Attic fans operate all year long and ventilate only the attic to reduce heat buildup. Whole house fans typically operate a few seasons each year and ventilate the entire house, including the attic and living space.

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