Bathroom Accessories for St Louis Properties

Hoffmann Brothers offers so many types of electrical service, but we also offer plumbing services! So when it comes to the bathrooms in your home and business we can offer so many electrical and plumbing options. The electricians at Hoffmann Brother work closely with our plumbers to ensure you get the highest quality of work and you only have to call one contractor! Call Hoffmann Brothers for all your electrical or plumbing needs at 314-664-3011.

When it comes to your dream bathroom, Hoffmann Brothers can help. Hoffmann Brothers can install heated floors, heated towel racks, exhaust fans, bathtubs, sinks, showers and more! Here are some of the options for your bathroom that our electricians can help you with below.

Exhaust Fans – Installation for St Louis Properties

Homes are built much more efficient then there once were, so exhaust fans are pretty standard in bathrooms in new homes. But for the older St Louis area homes, you have to add these in your bathrooms. The Electricians at Hoffmann Brothers can install or replace any type of bathroom exhaust fans. Exhaust fans can help with so many different challenges in the bathroom. Here are just some of the many common problems adding an exhaust fan can help with:

  • Mold: Bathrooms are prone to excess humidity and mold, usually due to power shower area ventilation.
  • Foggy mirrors: If every time you shower or bathe, the mirrors fog up, it can be frustrating. Proper ventilation can help solve this.
  • Odor Control: Trying to control the odor in a bathroom is something to be dealt with quickly, especially in larger bathrooms. Ventilating it properly can help remove unwanted smells.
  • Sound Level: The louder the fan, the more obvious and annoying it can be. The quieter the fan the more it will get used. Hoffmann Brothers offers exhaust fans that function very quietly.

Our electricians can recommend the properly sized, quiet fan that suits your needs.

Heated Floors – Our St Louis Electricians Can Install in Your Home

Hoffmann Brothers offers radiant heated floors for our clients. Heated floors are ideal for bathrooms. Having a warm floor as you step out of the shower is a luxury that many people have grown to love. When installing heated floors, it is installed under the flooring, so it is best done during a remodel or new construction and the floors cannot be finished yet. The heating elements are installed above the subfloor but right against the floor. There are different types of radiant heat application that can be used based on the room, the size of the room and the space you would like heated.

Heated floors can be installed under ceramic tile, vinyl flooring, some wood floors, and some carpets. Heated floors are most commonly installed under ceramic tile, as ceramic can be cold during the St Louis winter months and provide more heat to your cold feet! Meet with one of electricians to discuss what flooring options you are considering and they can recommend the best type of heated floor options for you.

Towel Warmer St Louis – We Install Heated Towel Racks

A towel warmer has gone from a luxury item found in hotels and spas, to an affordable household comfort item. The electricians at Hoffmann Brothers have installed them not only in bathrooms, but in kitchens, bedrooms, mudrooms and basements. Towel warmers installed in these areas are providing added heat and reducing humidity, moisture, and mildew. To learn more about our heated towel rack installation, call the electricians at Hoffmann Brothers at 314-664-3011.

Who doesn’t want a nice warm towel to dry their hands or to use after showering? Not only are heated towel racks a luxurious amenity, but they are also very efficient. Heated towel racks have a very low energy consumption rate. They consume about the same power as a 60watt light bulb, the most efficient way to use them is to leave them on continuously. Most electric towel warmers will need to be integrated into your homes electrical system and are operated with an on/off switch or can be put on a timer. Call the electricians at Hoffmann Brothers Electrician to request a bid for a heated towel rack in your home or business.

Call Hoffmann Brothers’ Electricians for Your Heated Towel Rack Installation

These are just some of the bathroom accessories our Electricians can help you with. And don’t forget if you are remodeling your home and needs more than just electrical services, we offer Heating & Air Conditioning, Plumbing, water heaters and more! Call Hoffmann Brothers for all your home services needs at 314-664-3011.

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