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Electrical Troubleshooting St Louis

The Electricians at Hoffmann Brothers find the electrical systems, electrical panels, and wiring out of date in many St Louis area homes. The circuits in a lot of the older homes weren’t designed to power many of the devices, appliances and gadgets we use every day. Our electricians are trained and licensed to find the electrical issue and fix it correctly and up to code. Call the Electricians at Hoffmann Brothers for all your electrical troubleshooting needs at 314-664-3011. We provide both residential electrical contractors and St Louis commercial electricians for your properties.

We Troubshoot Complex Electrical Systems For St Louis Businesses & Homes

Electrical systems are complex especially because all the wiring is behind the wall. When trying to troubleshoot the electrical issue, it is best to have a trained and licensed electrician on the job for the safety and security of you and your home. If you are experiencing any of the following issues it is best to call the Electricians at Hoffmann Brothers:

• Lights flickering
• Too few outlets in your home or business
• No GFCIs
• Over wired panels
• Plugs fall out of the outlet
• Outlets not working
• If your home and service panel is older than 40 years old

At Hoffmann Brothers, we know how important it is to pay attention to electrical outlet fire hazards. Whenever a major issue with your outlets arises, be sure to contact a licensed plumber for your own safety.

These are just some of the many issues you could be having that our electricians can diagnose and determine why these things are happening. You can request service through our online form or call us at 314-664-3011.