Surge protection services aren’t just for homes and businesses with industry-grade equipment. From hair dryers to refrigerators, everyday appliances often use more power than you think. It’s important to have a backup plan if anything gets out of hand. At Hoffmann Brothers in St. Louis, our services can protect you, your devices, and your property.

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Trusted St Louis Surge Protection Service

Surge protection services are the key to keeping your appliances up and running in a city that can be prone to power surges. St. Louis residents know from first-hand experience that the electrical grid in their city can’t always keep up with the demand for power. There are dozens of thunderstorms every year, and property owners have to deal with modern appliances against the backdrop of aging infrastructure.

Expert Whole House Surge Protector Installation In St. Louis By Hoffmann Brothers

Regardless of the electrical upgrades across the metropolitan area (or lack thereof), property owners can’t assume they’re safe from power surges. At Hoffmann Brothers, our electricians have seen how surges of every variety can manifest in a property. The aftermath can run the gamut. While a minor surge may only result in a brief power outage, a moderate or severe surge can cause damage to your valuable appliances or even result in an electrical fire[1]. Our surge protection services in St. Louis will offer you the solutions to keep your equipment safe from power surges, regardless of the property’s systems configurations.

When you hire the team at Hoffmann Brothers, you’re hiring professionals who know the area inside and out. Plus, we keep up with how new devices are manufactured and what they need to power through expected and unexpected threats. We understand that sensitive equipment, such as network or satellite devices, may need a different approach than your standard kitchen appliances. We aim to ensure that your equipment can function from moment to moment and year to year.

Types of Surge Protectors and Problems They Solve

A surge protector will redirect the electricity to your property. Should it spike for any reason, whether it’s due to over-usage in your neighborhood or a lightning storm outside your window, the electricity is sent into the ground where it can be absorbed rather than through your electrical devices, where it might cause damage to your equipment and your property.

We’ll look at what types of surge protectors are on the market and why people invest in them to prevent power disruptions and damage to their equipment.

  • Power strips: A St. Louis surge protector can be a power strip, but not all power strips provide surge protection. Ensure your power strip has a displayed electrical rating to safeguard appliances. Without a surge protector, your appliances are at risk of disruption or damage during power surges.
  • Wall mount surge protectors: Wall-mount surge protectors, with higher electrical ratings, are ideal for complex equipment like home theaters or gaming systems. Safeguard powerful devices with a fixed, wall-mounted surge protector.
  • Whole-house surge protectors: You can install surge protectors on the main electrical panel in your home or commercial property. With whole-house surge protectors, you can protect every appliance in the household, regardless of where it is or what outlet it’s plugged into[2].
  • Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS): A UPS serves as backup power during outages and protects devices from surges. Even brief disruptions can cause internal damage over time; a UPS extends appliance longevity for optimal utility.
  • Automatic Voltage Regulators (AVR): An AVR keeps your devices safe from changes in voltage. Like the rest of the surge protection devices on our list, failing to have one can damage your equipment.

Benefits of Whole House Surge Protection

There are several benefits of whole house surge protectors, particularly for any family that wants to keep their investments safe from power spikes:

  • Protect against all surges: Whole-house surge protectors shield devices from external lightning strikes or internal wiring issues. Regardless of your grid location or appliance malfunctions, they offer a comprehensive defense against all power surges.
  • Device protection: Installing a whole-house surge protector in St. Louis ensures protection for all devices, whether plugged in or not. Unlike power strip surge protectors, which have limitations, a whole-house solution covers everything from air conditioners to high-speed blenders.
  • Fire prevention: A whole-house surge protector acts as a shield against dangerous fires caused by overheated electrical components. It provides safety for your property, even when you’re away, protecting not just your home but also the entire neighborhood.
  • Better energy efficiency: Whole-house surge protectors, available through Hoffmann Brothers, not only safeguard your appliances but can also contribute to reduced energy consumption. Consult with our technicians to find the right model for optimal protection and energy efficiency.
  • Lower insurance costs: The more precautions you take for your home, the less likely an insurance company will need to settle a claim for you. If you’re interested in a whole-house surge protector, check with your carrier to see if they offer discounts on your premium.

One of the best benefits of a whole house protector is peace of mind. Old wiring, extra devices, freak thunderstorms are not the only things that can result in a power surge. Even people who upgrade their electrical panels and cut back on their power consumption can be impacted by their neighbor’s habits or their power company’s mistakes.

Why Choose Us For Whole House Surge Protection Installation?

The staff at Hoffmann Brothers has the experience and the expertise to work with property owners who can’t afford to endanger their investments in the event of power surges. We can install whole-house surge protection equipment that withstand even the most extreme spikes and fluctuations. We have decades of success to prove our worth to St. Louis property owners, and we’re known for our commitment to quality services. Plus, at Hoffmann Brothers, you can use our financing options to fix it now and pay later. Instead of paying for a whole house surge protector upfront, you can get the installation and then pay it off on your timeline.

Surge Protection Repair And Maintenance Services In St Louis

At Hoffmann Brothers, we can provide the following surge protection repair and maintenance services:

  • Meter box/panel box repair: A whole house surge protection device can be installed directly to your meter box or electrical panel so you can get circuit protection for the entire property. Repair services will fix any components damaged by brute force or general wear and tear.
  • Surge strip repair: If you use surge strips, Hoffmann Brothers can ensure you get the right ones for your equipment and repair them if needed. This service is excellent for property owners who don’t want to overload their systems or overlook one of their devices.
  • Maintenance: Maintenance for surge protection equipment typically includes testing the systems to ensure they’re functioning at peak capacity. It may also entail replacing the components of your modules as needed.

If your power needs constantly change from month to month (maybe because you operate a seasonal business), the technician must account for how your appliances use power at peak capacity and how they’re likely to be affected by external forces. At Hoffmann Brothers, our repair and maintenance services don’t take anything for granted, so we can offer our customers some of the best possible returns on their investments.

Contact Hoffmann Brothers For Surge Protection Service

Hoffmann Brothers’ St. Louis Electrician Installing Whole House Surge Protector

When you contact us for surge protection services, you can do more than just get your questions answered. At Hoffmann Brothers, our staff goes above and beyond to ensure our clients can handle everything from inclement weather to freak power surges. No matter how your family or clients use their devices, the reality is that every new appliance will result in a change to your power consumption. If you don’t want to take chances, it’s time to invest in a service that will protect more than just a few outlets in your home or commercial property. Contact us to learn more about what we can do for you!

Surge Protection FAQs

What Is Surge Protection?

Surge protection refers to the redirection of electricity during a spike. When a power surge happens, the electricity will go into the ground rather than through your electrical devices (which can damage the equipment or potentially a fire).

Do Surge Protectors Protect Against Lightning?

Yes, surge protectors protect against all potential power surges. It’s important to pinpoint a strategy for your home or commercial property that can cover all devices, regardless of how you use them during the lightning strike.

How Much Does Surge Protector Service Cost?

The cost of surge protection will depend on the services you require, the size of the property, and the property’s electrical configuration. At Hoffmann Brothers, we offer financing options that help clients cover the upfront costs and pay them back over time.

How Do I Know If I Need Whole-House Surge Protection?

TThe best way to know if you need whole-house surge protection is to talk to a qualified technician. Typically, it’s recommended for those most at risk for electrical failure or fires, though each property will have its concerns. At Hoffmann Brothers, our staff can explain the benefits to you so you can decide whether it’s worth the investment.

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