Choosing the Right Lighting for Your Home

Track Lighting St. Louis

If you want a stylish way to control the direction and amount of light in a room, then track lighting is a great option. Track lighting is a series of small directional lights suspended from the ceiling along a metal track. Popular in art galleries and homes, track lighting allows you to achieve the right aesthetic or accentuate specific features.

LED Lighting St. Louis

If you want efficient, long-lasting lighting in your home, then LED lights are the perfect option. LED lights can save you money and help the environment with their energy efficiency and durability. Known for their brightness and versatility, LED lights can also come in all types of colors and configurations.

Recessed Lighting St. Louis

If you have lower ceilings or very restricted space, recessed lighting may be the right option for your home. They don’t protrude into the room itself and disperse light very well for a clean, smooth look.

Electrical St. Louis

Our electricians can install any of these lighting options, update fixtures, replace light bulbs and more. Hoffmann Brothers provides all kinds of reliable lighting and electrical solutions in St. Louis. To find out more about Hoffmann Brothers electrical services, call (314) 664-3011 or request service here.

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