Tips for Weathering the Summer’s Hot Temperatures From a St. Louis AC Contractor

Sweltering temperatures, often followed by thunderstorms and tornadoes are becoming the norm in the St. Louis area. As the climate zone in St. Louis heats up, residential property owners are finding it necessary to implement biannual heating and air conditioning service.

Here’s why:

During the month of June 2012, charts that temperatures registered over 90 degrees 14 times. Even as July is generally the hottest month of the year in East St. Louis, this summer’s sizzling temperature peaked into the 90’s 20 times this year (and the month is not over). The hottest day recorded in 1999 was 105 degrees, this record has already been broken three times in July 2012 when temperature soared between 106 and 109 degrees. Source:

In response to these blistering temperatures, St. Louis County issued media releases to local residents emphasizing that heat is expected to continue and guiding them to plan accordingly.

How to stay cool and reduce energy costs when the temperatures are high in St. Louis:

When it comes to preparing for blazing temperatures, St. Louis residents have a single, reliable recourse for air conditioning maintenance: Hoffmann Brothers. In fact the latest findings, documented by St. Louis city officials, suggest that regular checkups help prevent AC breakdowns and reduce the need for system replacements.

If the air goes out, contact a trusted St. Louis AC contractor, offering service around the clock. Contact Hoffmann Brothers at (314) 664-3011.

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