St. Louis Air Conditioning Contractor: 10-Steps for an Economical and Safe Summer

Summer in Missouri resonates with baseball, beverages and sultry outdoor entertainment. Yet, despite all the excitement that Clayton, St. Louis and Florissant have to offer, safety embodies the precise medicine for a fun and hazard free summer. Hoffmann Brothers, a St. Louis air conditioning contractor renowned for professional, reliable and economical service “highlights 10-steps for a safe and an energy savings, summer.


  1. Economize on energy consumption, by raising the temperature on the thermostat when the home is vacant. During the day, draw blinds closed to inhibit hot air.
  2. Preventative maintenance is critical to extending an air conditioner’s lifecycle. A malfunctioning AC wreaks havoc on the energy bill. Since it has to work harder to emit cool air, it consumes more energy than a properly running AC. During the HVAC check up, a technician will check for leaks, corrosion or any other signs of an energy deficient AC.
  3. Shorten showers to minimize indoor energy. Also, dermatologists report that water and sun exposure dehydrate the skin.
  4. Conserve on water by running full loads in the dishwasher and washing machine.
  5. At bedtime, turn the air conditioners on the fan mode to conserve energy loads.
  6. Always, replace air filters every 25-30 days to warrant healthy indoor air quality. In addition to promoting good air quality, regular air filter replacements protect energy efficiency as well as the lifespan of the air conditioning system.


  1. Position grills away from the home to ensure fire safety, and prevent fumes from seeping into the home, impeding indoor air quality. After grilling, be sure to extinguish fire pits and grills.
  2. Save on the water supply, using a rain barrel to collect water to hydrate the lawn.
  3. Consider upgrading the home’s heating and air conditioner to an Energy Star certified HVAC or even geothermal energy.
  4. Keep doors and windows closed to block out humidity, locking in fresh cool air.

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