How to Save on a New Air Conditioning Unit

News for Homeowners of St. Louis County

In St. Louis, Missouri, April through September often bring sizzling temperatures with excessive humidity. Yet, for some households in St. Louis County, the expense and time involved in buying a new air conditioning system can be a daunting event. From now through the end of the year, property owners of St. Louis County have several opportunities to save and or finance a new air conditioning system.

National surveys and market research indicate that 3 million HVAC systems malfunction each year. “With so many tax incentives and our air conditioning discounts, St. Louis County homeowners can count on serious savings,” discloses a representative of the air conditioning company, Hoffmann Brothers.

“The summer is never a good time for the air conditioner to go on the fritz. Some people refer to us as the ‘air conditioned emergency responders’, because we’re available 24/7 for air conditioner service St. Louis County,” shares a technician of Hoffmann Brothers’ air conditioning service company.

Hassle-free Financing in St. Louis County

The St. Louis County Saves program is a lending initiative available for qualifying homeowners in St. Louis County. The program allows air conditioning appliance buyers to secure a low interest loan. However, property owners have to invest in an EnergyStar qualified air conditioning unit and hire an authorized contractor to conduct the audit. Please visit for additional details.

Hoffmann Brothers is also a proud authorized contractor of the St. Louis County Saves program in Missouri. Please follow the link marked “St. Louis County air conditioning” < to learn more.

Energy Tax Credit for Air Conditioning

St. Louis County residential property owners save $300 for buying and EnergyStar Qualified air conditioning system. The cooling system has to meet specific energy efficiency rations (EER) and seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) to qualify for the energy tax credit.

As an authorized St. Louis County Saves and EnergyStar-certified contractor, Hoffmann Brothers makes it excessively easy and convenient for homeowners of St. Louis County to redeem these energy savings investments.

Please dial (314) 664-3011 or visit this page to learn more about our air conditioning services in St. Louis County.

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