Electrical Safety Tips to Baby Proof Your Home

Electrical Outlets St. Louis

Outlets are one of the scariest electrical dangers for kids. They are right at your child’s eye level and are quite often an object of curiosity. Protect your children with:

Electrical Strips St. Louis

Electrical strips are also very dangerous for your children because they sit on the ground and are full of multiple plugs. You can simply solve this by:

Outlet installation is safe, fast, and simple for an expert electrician. Even better, you will have all of the safe electrical access you’ll ever need.

Electrical Safety Tips St. Louis

Anything at kid level can be a danger! Look in each of your rooms for these things:

Electrician St. Louis

Hoffmann Brothers professional electricians and technicians provide the best solutions and service for your family’s safety and electrical needs. Call us today at (314) 664-3011 or request service here from St. Louis’ electrical experts.

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