Air Conditioning Maintenance Ensures Energy Efficiency

In Ladue, Webster Groves, Chesterfield, Des Peres, Wildwood, Kirkwood, St. Louis and other surrounding municipalities, lowering household energy costs commences with proper air conditioning maintenance. Comparable to a vehicle’s engine or a computer’s hard drive, air conditioners necessitate annual care to ensure energy efficiency.

Why is air conditioning maintenance essential?

Air conditioning units in humid climates are prone to accumulate debris. In the summer, when the AC is in operation, the air conditioner extracts heat and moisture from the household. Hot and humid air along with any airborne particles such as dust, are then pulled via the air filter. From there, the heat and dirt are impelled through extra cold evaporator coils, cooling the indoor temperature.

However, over the winter, the build up of dirt becomes embedded in components of the AC system. When the air conditioning system forgoes maintenance the following season, there is a hindrance of energy efficiency.

Is it possible to maximize energy efficiency by closing vents?

There’s the misconception that shutting vents throughout the home can offset energy efficiency. In actuality, a precisely engineered AC unit distributes even airflow based on the ventilation demand of each room’s specifications. Closing vent contributes to a disproportionate emission of air flow, allowing for pressure to build.

St. Louis heating and air conditioning contractors, Hoffmann Brothers assert: “Pressure often builds when vents are shut off, triggering duct to leak more air.”

What does air conditioning maintenance involve?

Not all St. Louis heating and air conditioning contractors administer a methodical approach to air conditioning maintenance. The premier contractor, Hoffmann Brothers conducts a comprehensive checklist of tasks including inspecting and cleaning parts of the AC. Aside from cleaning the air conditioner indoors, the air conditioner contractor cleans and tends to the air conditioner’s condenser, which often acts as a depository for leaves, dust and dirt.

Which air conditioner contractor serves St. Charles, St. Louis and Jefferson Counties?

Serving eastern Missouri and several counties in Illinois, Hoffmann Brothers provides air conditioning maintenance, installations and repairs to optimize energy savings.

Call St. Louis, Heating & Air Conditioning Contractors at (314) 664-3011 for the best service in Eastern Missouri.

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