AC Pro: Tells How to Reduce the Utility Bill in Richmond Heights

“In observation of ‘Air-Conditioning Days,’ we’re reminding Richmond Heights residents the importance of a programmable thermostat and other approaches to curtail energy costs around the home this summer,” asserts an air conditioner (AC) contractor.

Here’s how it works:

During the day when the home is vacant, setting the thermostat on a high temperature saves 1% of your Richmond Heights home’s cooling costs for every degree raised.

In other words, when Richmond Heights households raise the temperature on the thermostat from 75 degrees to 78 degrees, your home could save as much as 3% a month in cooling costs in Richmond Heights.

After work and school hours, cool the home’s atmosphere by reducing the temperature two to three degrees.

For extra energy savings, raise the thermostats’ temperature when the occupants are sleeping to conserve energy for 6 to 8 eight hours. The thermostat can be set to go on when your family wakes up.

FACTOID: In Richmond Heights, programmable thermostats accommodate energy management in the winter too.

Summer Energy Tips for Richmond Heights residents.

In addition to installing or using a programmable thermostat, here an air-conditioning contractor of Hoffmann Brother prescribes the following strategies:

Replace the AC’s filter every 30-days to improve energy efficiency and indoor air quality (IAQ). Not to mention regular air filter changes extend the life cycle of an air-conditioning system.

To improve your air conditioning’s energy efficiency, have it tweaked each year, saving as much as 5% in energy costs. Air conditioning studies illustrate that improperly maintained ACs have an abbreviated shelf life than a well-maintained air conditioner.

Whether you reside in Richmond Heights, need an air-conditioning repair or just require dependable HVAC service year round, you can always count on Hoffmann Brothers for reliable support. Please add our URL address> <to your favorites.

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