4 Signs Your AC May Not be Cool Enough

The temperatures of St. Louis spring and summer are much too humid for an air conditioner on the fritz. Regardless of the brand of the AC, several reasons identify why an AC may not be cool enough for a home.

Perpetually pawing at the thermostat. If occupants of the home are constantly reducing the AC’s temperature on the thermostat and the home seems merely impossible to cool, this is first sign that there is something wrong with the air conditioner.

For instance, if the air emitted from the air conditioning system is not cool but tepid, it’s generally a telltale indication that something is awry with the AC. The need to modulate the temperature suggests a dirty, clogged filter may cause insufficient airflow or the AC is on the verge of malfunctioning. Moreover, the obstruction of cool air burdens and overloads the air conditioning unit, contributing to hefty monthly utility bills.

Ongoing air conditioning service calls. One annual check up and repair is the norm for AC maintenance repairs. Perpetual air conditioner malfunctioning is symptomatic of an old or problematic air conditioner.

Unfit to emit cool air. The wrong sized air conditioner may not have the capacity or energy efficiency to cool the home properly.

Note that air conditioning systems generally have a lifecycle of 10 years or more. Today’s AC’s are manufactured to emit cool air efficaciously. Hoffmann Brothers can recommend the best AC fit to cool your home.

Outrageous monthly utility bills. Make note of any changes in the monthly energy bill. Compare previous year’s usage rates, and costs to current bills. While July and August set record for the muggiest temperature of the year, a faulty air conditioner or one that is not releasing cool air will cause perpetual perspiration coupled with an inflated monthly utility bill.

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