14 Ways to Observe Earth Day in St. Louis City

Even though most St. Louis city residents won’t be hosting an Earth Day bash, there are 14 approaches to observe April 22nd in St. Louis City.

1.    Turn off any unused or extraneous lighting.

2.    Replace any incandescent light bulbs with an LED or CFL light bulb.

3.    Help conserve landfill space, investing in a recycle bin. Then, go through the recycling plastic bags, cans, bottles, and paper.

4.    In St. Louis City, always run full loads of dishes and laundry to maximize water conservation and energy consumption.

5.    Schedule an air conditioning check up in St Louis City @ http://www.hoffmannbros.com/.  (Note that newer ACs are significantly more energy efficient than models, 10 years and older).

6.    Install a programmable thermostat to reduce heating and air conditioning costs by twenty percent in St. Louis City. A programmable thermostat enables home dwellers to decrease or raise the thermostat temperature when the domicile is vacant.

7.    Consider upgrading to a water-conserving dishwasher, using approximately 4 gallons of water per load.

8.    Promote your St. Louis City residential heating and air conditioning system air quality and energy savings, by replacing the air filter every 30 days or according to the manufacturer’s recommended replacement schedule.

9.    Recycle old computers, radios and other electronic goods.

10.    Economize on fuel efficiency, car-pooling or taking public transportation several days a week.

11.    Support water conservation, by keeping showers five minutes or less.

12.    Lower the indoor temperature five to seven degrees, allowing all conditioned air appliances to snooze.

13.    Explore the advantages of geothermal heat pumps. In St. Louis City, Hoffman Brother’s heating and air conditioning contractors are also geothermal specialists.

14.    Optimize the home’s energy savings, by unplugging any unused electronics. Sources at the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) report that phantom energy utilizes electricity even when an electronic device is not in use.

Prepare your home in St. Louis City for Earth Day with an air conditioning check up (314) 664-3011.

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