Your AC Maintenance Playbook

St. Louis baseball is in full swing for another exciting season. A radio play-by-play is one of the best ways to live vicariously when you can’t make the game. What do the Cardinals have in common with AC preventative maintenance?

Baseball Spring Training and an AC Spring Tune-Up
Like spring training before opening day, spring is also ripe for an annual AC tune-up. Before the heat of the summer, be confident your cooling system will maintain set point from its first day in operation until long after back to school shopping. You’ll eliminate an emergency service call to an AC company in the busy season.

Spring training stops imperfect batting swings from becoming habits, like spring AC maintenance prevents damage from accumulating over time. Besides cleaning to remove debris from your cooling system, replacing worn components and performing simple part repairs prevent an expensive premature replacement. Remember cleaning and maintenance cost less than a new purchase and installation.

The Baseball Playbook and an AC Play-by-Play
Like a radio play-by-play prepares you for the final score in baseball, understanding the steps in air conditioning maintenance preps you for a service visit.

Here are the typical steps in a Hoffmann Brothers AC maintenance visit:

1)    Schedule your spring tune-up at a convenient time. Evening and Saturday appointments are available to fit your schedule.
2)    A licensed uniformed contractor shows up on time, discusses your concerns, and notes any issues for investigation.
3)    The exterior unit is cleaned, inspected, and checked for wear and damage.
4)    The interior unit including the blower and thermostat are cleaned, inspected, and checked for wear and damage.
5)    Filters are replaced as needed. Filter replacement scheduling is discussed with the homeowner.
6)    An estimate is provided to replace any worn parts. Hoffmann carries most parts in stock or expedites ordering.
7)    Thermostats are calibrated, zoning is checked, efficiency is measured, and energy efficient cyclical temperature programming is provided if desired.

A licensed Hoffmann Brother contractor will always consider a repair prior to recommending a replacement. For older inefficient units where a replacement is warranted, customers are guaranteed competitive pricing and an unmatched warranty. (314) 664-3011 for no-hassle annual AC maintenance that’s a win for your cooling comfort season after season.

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