What Surgeons and AC Installers have in Common

Anyone faced with a medical need for a hip or knee replacement knows the value of the right surgeon. The patient doesn’t start on Google, looking for the best kind of implant. Metal versus ceramic? Polyethylene insert versus metal-on-metal? Instead, the patient looks for a trustworthy and skillful surgeon with years of experience and plenty of patient testimonials.

Now, shift to a homeowner who needs a new air conditioning unit. Homeowners who follow the model of the patient get the best outcome in overall price, efficiency, comfort, and long-term durability. You get what you pay for in surgery and air conditioning installation.

Instead of comparing the pros and cons of Trane versus Carrier or heat pumps versus air handlers, it pays for a homeowner in the market for a new AC unit to call an expert. A qualified contractor understands the latest technologies, the right fit for the application, and the most cost effective long-term solution for a property.

Looks for years of experience and pride of ownership.

Research the company you choose for air conditioning installation. Check the company’s website, BBB rating, customer testimonials, and installer guarantees. A licensed mechanical engineer owns Hoffmann Brothers: a company with over 40 years of experience, an A+ BBB rating, and about a 2% pass rate for contractors who take its proficiency test. Hoffmann offers the best of the best to consumers because it employs the best of the best. Six guarantees are provided for every installation.

Size matters in air conditioning installation.

Like its occupants, your home is unique. Hoffmann considers layout, square footage, and budget. Too large an AC unit cycles on and off too frequently and wastes energy. On the other hand, the standard filter size of 16” x 25” isn’t optimal for larger models that need a 20” x 25” filter to ensure adequate airflow.

Consider the quoted cost from your AC installer but also the long-term cost of ownership. Installation accuracy from Hoffmann Brothers is at the level of the micron gauge so you benefit from efficiency in your month over month utility bills. Give the biggest energy user in your home what it deserves: a proper installation. Call(314) 664-3011 for a free estimate on licensed air conditioning installation.

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