What’s Involved in an Air Conditioning Check Up?

Now is a prime time to have your air conditioner checked before the summer. In St. Charles and Jefferson Counties, May through September is an inopportune time for the air conditioning system to have a meltdown. As homeownership comes with its share of responsibilities, preventative maintenance for the AC is a matter of simply scheduling an appointment. Consider these details when scheduling an air conditioning check up.

In St. Charles and Jefferson counties, most air conditioning contractors will ask for the age, make, and model of your unit. This information provides a little insight about the potential health of your home’s cooling system and helps technician bring parts specific to your unit.

During an air conditioning check up, a licensed AC contractor evaluates all the working parts of your air conditioner. The contractor will check several components for energy efficiency and comfort.

(For example: condenser, coils, belts, and etc.)

For instance, the condenser is the outdoor component to the air conditioning unit. An AC contractor checks it to ensure that it is not leaking and it has adequate refrigerant fluid. Because certain refrigerants have been banned, the contractor will also make sure your air conditioning system is using the correct fluid.

“Our preventative maintenance involves a comprehensive inspection of your air conditioner. As a result, we guarantee all repairs and check ups in Jefferson County and St. Charles County,” announces a representative of the air conditioning contractor, Hoffmann Brothers.

Indoors, an air conditioner contractor checks your cooling systems evaporator coils’ connections and for any signs of corrosion. When any of the AC’s parts are broken or simply worn, it causes the system to work harder to keep your home cool. This excessive energy consumption causes spikes in the your monthly energy bills.

Redeem a discount in St Charles and Jefferson County on your next air conditioning preventative maintenance check up by calling Hoffmann Brothers at (314) 664-3011.

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