Renter 101: Tenant – Air Conditioner Maintenance

Renter 101: Tenant – Air Conditioner Maintenance

What Every St. Louis City Tenant Should Know About the AC

Because renters are not vested in a rental property, they’re often unaware of the ramifications of a broken or hazardous air-conditioning system. St. Louis City (SLC) air-conditioning contractor provides landlords and tenants with an AC checklist of facts and details to observe.

1) Air conditioners have meltdowns and breakdowns.

2) When a cooling system never shuts off, it’s generally the sign that the system needs a tune-up and cleaning.

3) Other warning signs of a malfunctioning air conditioner includes: an unusual vibrating noise and the release of tepid air, or excessive condensation.


1) Never try to repair a faulty air conditioner.

“Inspire responsibility, by requiring tenants to report any faulty cooling systems. If your tenants own their own system, require that only an AC contractor licensed in St. Louis City has the authorization to administer repairs in your building,” advises a spokesperson of Hoffmann Brothers Heating and Cooling

2) Never refill the air conditioner with refrigerants, such as R-22, which has combustive elements.

3) To prevent mold growth, do not open windows on muggy days. Keep moisture out by sealing air pockets, drafts and other air leaks.

4) Keep clutter, items and debris clear of the air conditioner to complement safety.


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For the best safety and energy savings, an air conditioner should be clear of debris and clutter.=

Saving energy

1) To reduce energy costs associated with cooling the home. By replacing the air conditioner’s filter every 30-45 days,

2) Air conditioners need maintenance every year for safety and energy conservation purposes.

3) When the apartment or house is vacant, turn the thermostat up to 78 degrees. Remember to close any blinds and window dressings to block out the sun. This energy-saving strategy will cut 5% of your summer bill.

Note to Property Owners and Landlords

If your building provides individual air-conditioning units or maintains a roof top unit or other cooling system, Hoffmann Brothers employs an elite staff of HVAC technicians. With high grades in Angie’s List, the St. Louis Better Business Bureau and St. Louis City property owners, Hoffmann Brothers is a trusted expert.

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