How to Stay Cool in St. Louis – Heating and Cooling Company Advice

St Louis is known for the humidity and poor air quality during the spring and summer months. You want to ensure your air conditioner is going to work when you need it. Annual maintenance on the air conditioner is extremely important. Whether you do it at the beginning of the season or the end, there is no right time, but it must be done once during the AC season.

Here are some of the most important things the Technicians at Hoffmann Brothers evaluate during the AC maintenance:


  1. Inspect unit for hail damage, mower or debris damage

  3. Inspect cabinet for missing screws, broken supports, level of unit

  5. Inspect condenser fan grill for broken mounts, missing screws, or other damage

  7. Turn unit off at disconnect; flip breaker to condensing unit to off; inspect disconnect for rust, loose wires connections, mounting to building

  9. Inspect condenser fan motor wiring for loose or damaged wiring.

  11. Inspect and verify hard-start kit and controls where applicable

  13. Measure and verify refrigerant charge

  15. Inspect and wash condenser coil where applicable (Chemical wash is extra)

  17. Inspect ductwork for sealing issues

  19. Inspect and change filter

Hoffmann Brothers offers a Service Club membership program where we come out once to do the air conditioner tune up and once to do the furnace tune up. You also received priority service, discounts of hvac, plumbing and electrical repairs & installations, and more! To schedule a maintenance appointment, request online or give our office a call at (314) 664-3011.

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