How to Attain an Energy Savings This Summer

St. Louis AC Contractor Reviews, Energy Saving Tactics

With 2.5 months of summer left, it’s not too late to explore approaches to curtail the season’s energy expenditures. A representative of Hoffmann Brothers, a preferred heating and air conditioner specialist in St. Louis highlights several money-saving tactics to lowering cooling costs this summer.

Programmable thermostats help manage temperatures. “Many of our customers save as much as 15% a year on energy costs to cool and heat the home,” divulges an air-conditioning engineer of Hoffmann Brothers.

Reduce the temperature three to five degrees when the home is vacant. Studies, documented by the U.S. Department of Energy show that homeowners save 1% for every lowered degree.

Light fixtures, the TV and other appliances generate heat when turned on. As a result, these appliances counter the AC’s cool. When rooms are not in use, power down televisions, light fixtures and all other appliances.

In St. Louis City and County, Hoffmann Brothers has been the preferred air-conditioning contractor for the last three decades.

In the daytime or very sunny days, block out radiant heat. Close window dressings, such as blinds, drapery and shutters.

Supplement the cool.

Use a fan or portable cooling system to supplements the air conditioner’s chill.

“To protect against a fire or other unforeseen situations, never ever leave a fan plugged in when your home is vacant,” advises the founder of Hoffmann Brothers Heating and Cooling, Robert Hoffmann.

Air-conditioning systems are predisposed to accumulate dust and other debris. This accumulation impedes the AC’s ability to cool the home efficiently. To improve the life of your air conditioner and complement energy conservation, swap out the air filter every 30 – 35 days.

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