How Many AC Units Does My Two-Story Home Need?

Even if you don’t have children enrolled at the popular St. Louis school district, you’re probably familiar with Charles Lindbergh. He gained fame for the first solo nonstop flight across the Atlantic in 1927. Remarkably, Lindbergh completed the journey in a single-engine plane.

Lindbergh Schools serve the Crestwood, Sunset Hills and South County areas. In these areas there are many two-story homes with a single air conditioning unit. In fact, a variety of factors determine whether one or two units are best. Consider these important variables in the air conditioning equation for your two-story home.

The Existing Cooling System in Your Two-Story Home

Your existing cooling system relates to the age of your home. Many older two-story Sunset Hill homes contain a non-zoned system. Therefore, two smaller sized units service each floor. Homeowners adjust the upstairs and downstairs temperature independently, without tweaking the thermostat constantly and wasting energy on an unoccupied floor.

Newer two-story homes and fresh installations benefit from a single, properly sized, zoned central air conditioner. Both stories and the entire square footage is divided into zones with independent thermostats to read the temperature in each area. Dampers in the ductwork control airflow to each zone ensuring comfortable cooling.

The Size, Layout, and Occupants of Your Two-Story Sunset Hills Home
Besides square footage, the layout of your home, the number of windows, the amount of shade and sun, and the insulation in your attic and walls are variables in the cooling capacity calculation. In addition, large families, proficient bakers, and a chronically warm spouse increase the cooling load. Rest assured, a qualified HVAC contractor can size a single or multiple units to meet your cooling needs.

Your Budget  
Many homeowners prefer the installation and maintenance simplicity of a single central air conditioning unit with multiple zones. An annual air conditioning tune-up makes the risk of a single system in the Sunset Hills summertime far less than flying a single-engine across the Atlantic. In fact, an efficient zoned system can keep energy bills low and multiple zones, not just two stories, at the ideal temperature.

Hoffmann Brothers has over 40 years of experience and qualified contractors to assess your existing air conditioning system and determine the best solution to meet your goals. Call (314) 664-3011 to get the best efficiency possible from your air conditioning unit(s) this summer in the Sunset Hills and Crestwood areas.

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