How Can I Save Money on Air Conditioning this Summer?

Conserving energy and saving money is a win-win. And it’s possible in air conditioning. Consider a programmable thermostat for your air conditioning unit to save both the environment and your utility dollars this summer.

Even if you have an existing digital thermostat tied to your HVAC system, you may not be using it optimally. The best approach is to set up an automated temperature cycle. Here are the steps:

1. Learn about your thermostat. Determine which type of thermostat you have. If your control panel is a non-programmable dial, consider an upgrade. If you already have a digital programmable thermostat, check the manual or plug the model number into YouTube.

Obtain the manual directions, follow a video walkthrough, or call your HVAC installer. An experienced HVAC company should be able to help with any brand, make, and model.

3. Jot down a 5-2 or 5-1-1 program that works for your family. You likely have a predictable Monday through Friday, Saturday, and Sunday schedule. Record the details of your normal routine in a notebook. Include times for waking up, leaving for school, leaving for work, returning from school, returning from work, and sleeping.

4. Match a temperature to each item in your typical routine. Here is your chance to consider the preferences of your family members, the weather in your area, and the specifics of your cooling system. For a typical St. Louis family in the summertime, consider 78°F when you’re at home and awake, 82°F when sleeping, and 85°F when away from home.

5. Program your thermostat according to the directions and your notes. Now, put your plan into action. Check in with your family. Is everyone happy with the new settings? St. Louis gets not only hot but also humid, and your cooling system may have some warmer and colder zones.

Adjust the thermostat settings from the baseline by a degree or two until the program works for you. Figure out your ideal summer set point. Then, add 4 degrees when sleeping and 7 degrees when away. Expect a 4 to 7% savings in energy as each 1 degree adjustment over an 8 hour period can save about 1% in energy costs.

Call Hoffmann Brothers at (314) 664-3011 to learn about our complete line of programmable thermostats, and which have quickly become customer favorites.

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