How Air Conditioning Supports Life as We Know It

Awnings, ivy walls, window drafting, attic fans, porches, and basements are somewhat nostalgic ways to get through the heat this summer. Swimming, shade trees, and cool drinks work too. But life as we know it in the modern world requires air conditioning.

Air Conditioning in Business
Consider business hours of operation independent of the season. A vast number of Americans work 8 – 5 jobs in business formal attire. Meetings are rarely cancelled for snow much less record heat. The key to surviving the fourth floor office conference room, wearing a wool suit in the month of July, is air conditioning. In fact, our business laptops and Internet servers depend on cool ambient temperatures year round.

Air Conditioning in City Life
Modern architecture including high rises and skyscrapers does a great job of sustaining city life. A high population density can be packed into a relatively small square footage for work, home, and play. Amenities like restaurants, retail, dining, and entertainment thrive in the central city life model. The upper floors of capitalism require cooling to be functional and comfortable spaces.

Air Conditioning in Transportation
Transportation and traffic jams don’t stall for the summer. Imagine cars, trains, and airplanes without effective air conditioning. A lack of cooling in the congestion of transportation is not only uncomfortable but also dangerous.

Air Conditioning in Healthcare
Our hospitals and healthcare facilities sustain and save lives daily. Besides equipment that requires a given temperature range to function, young, sick, elderly, and immune-compromised patients are supported best in well-conditioned surroundings.

This summer enjoy your shorts, neighborhood block parties, and evenings on the screened-in porch. But ensure your air conditioning unit is prepared for the conveniences and realities of modern life. Call (314) 664-3011 for details on our competitive, hassle-free, worry-free service club to keep your air conditioner in peak condition.

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