How Air Conditioner Maintenance Influences an AC’s Coolness?

In the months of March and April, mild temperatures remind the residents of Madison County, IL that summer is in tow. Spring makes for an opportune time to refresh the air conditioning (AC) system. Air conditioner maintenance is crucial to how ACs cool homes.

When is the best time to schedule air conditioning maintenance?

Before it’s time to power up the air conditioner, the months of March through early May are prime time to schedule a tune up or preventative maintenance on your air conditioner,” advises an air conditioner contractor employed at Hoffmann Brothers Heating and Air Conditioning.

In Madison County, from the month of March through May–the historical average temperature ranges between 59 and 78 degrees Fahrenheit, according to (Source:

Madison County IL HVAC Contractor: 3 Reasons Your AC Needs a Yearly Tune Up

Better energy efficiency performance

Even brand new air conditioners need maintenance each year. According to performance-based studies on air-conditioning systems, ACs lose an estimated 5 percent of their energy efficiency each year it does not have a tune up.

For cleaner air quality and to rid the environment of harmful toxins emitted from refrigerants the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)http://www.epa.govendorses AC maintenance, too.

The air conditioner is inactive from October through March at most households in Madison County. During that time, AC parts lose their tension. Loose connections cause the AC to malfunction, expending more energy than necessary.

“Our air conditioner maintenance house calls involve a comprehensive inspection. We check every valve, belt and AC part for the proper tension, as well as wear and tear, boasts a technician licensed in Madison County.

Fewer Air Conditioning Replacements

Madison homeowners, who take care of their AC with annual air conditioning maintenance or who subscribe to an annual program report fewer air conditioning replacements.

Save money in the Long Term

If you want to extend the lifecycle of your air conditioner and save on summer energy consumption, air conditioner maintenance is your best defense.

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