Heating and Cooling Service Advice for Air Conditioning Units

Is heating and cooling service an annual requirement? Can quality air conditioning units forgo check-ups each year? Air conditioning contractors reveal whether ACs really need maintenance every 12-months.

Q:  I live in St. Charles County, MO.  Last year, we had heating and cooling service for the air conditioning units (AC) in our homes. (We own a property, where we rent and manage three apartments).  Last year, air conditioning contractors determined that the building’s AC was short on Freon, commenting about the quality of our Lennox cooling system.

Every six weeks, the filters are replaced to keep all of air conditioning units in working order. Recently, our tenants noticed that the building air conditioning units’ were emitting tepid air.   Can your air conditioning contractors diagnose the situation?

My AC is on the fritz – in St. Charles County


A: Although, St. Charles County is not the only area in Missouri, where we’re licensed to repair air conditioning units without checking air conditioning units’ coils, condensers and other components, we’re unable to provide an exacting diagnosis. Generally, air conditioning units malfunction for a variety of reasons.

Hoffmann Brothers air conditioning contractors repair and maintain ACs in the greater St. Louis metropolitan area, Jefferson County, Chesterfield, St. Charles County, Des Peres, Frontenac, St. Louis County, Ladue, Kirkwood, Sunset Hills, Town and Country, Clayton, Wildwood, Creve Coeur of Missouri and Madison County, Illinois.

For instance, when ACs run out of Freon, the effect transpires for a variety of reasons. If pipes sweat like a can of soda on a hot day, this may be an indication of corroded coils. Copper and steel coils are susceptible to rust, needing a replacement.

Air conditioning units unable to maintain Freon may also require the need for a new condenser.

Regardless of the air conditioning units brands and manufacturers, biannual heating and cooling service ensures that the domicile’s AC provides an energy efficient comfort zone. Even more noteworthy is the fact that biannual heating and cooling service is far more financially feasible than the replacement of air conditioning units’ coils and a condenser.

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