Cool But Energy Saving Tips for St. Louis Homeowners

Over the course of the summer, few days in St. Louis allow homeowners to give the air conditioning (AC) unit a break. For most residents in St. Louis, this means paying a hefty monthly fee to cool the home. Hoffmann Brothers, an air conditioning contractor, offers these cool energy savings ideas:

Supplement Cool Energy Savings

Fans and programmable thermostats complement summertime energy savings.

Programmable thermostats enable households to manage indoor climates when the home is vacant or occupied. The ability to cool on demand saves a minimum of 10% off monthly cooling costs.

Meanwhile, fans supplement the cool air when the home is occupied. Because fans create a wind chill effect, these cooling appliances allow homeowners to reduce temperatures by 5 degrees.


Heat Hindrance

From a St. Louis household’s windows, washing machine to the oven, a number of fixtures and appliances emit heat. Because the sun can spike your home’s heat levels, it is important to close blinds, draw curtains and other window treatments shut.


The oven represents another major heat source in the average St. Louis home. To improve the AC’s energy efficient efficiency, prepare food in the microwave or on the grill, where the extra heat won’t force the AC to work harder than necessary.

AC Preventative Maintenance

Actualizing energy efficiency in the typical St. Louis household entails two key preventative maintenance tactics.

Every 30 days or at least according to the manufacturers requirements, St. Louis homeowners should change the air filter. This do-it-yourself step of preventative maintenance extends the AC’s operating life. Not to mention, regular air filter replacements sustain the AC’s energy efficiency by 15%.

Primarily, annual air conditioning maintenance optimizes an AC’s efficiency, lifecycle and performance. In fact, energy assessments show that air conditioners that do not have annual maintenance lose up to 20% of its efficiency each year.

In the long run, forgoing air conditioner check -ups not only increase the monthly energy bill, but also improves the chances of an air conditioning meltdown.

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