Air Conditioning DIY vs. Professional Tasks

In our DIY culture, YouTube likely has so many instructional videos for your air conditioning issues. Promising products stock the shelves of Home Depot from rudimentary duct tape to insulated flexible ductwork. Before you pick up a speedy HVAC install kit for $100, here’s a guideline for DIY versus professional air conditioning tasks for your St Peters home.

DIY Air Conditioning Tasks

Professional Air Conditioning Tasks

When a licensed contractor from Hoffmann Brothers visits your St Peters home for air conditioning install, repair, or preventative maintenance, the service doesn’t end after your technician leaves. Not only does every installation include six guarantees, but also our qualified contractors provide recommendations to achieve peak performance from your air conditioning unit.

Call (314) 664-3011 to put your air conditioning in expert hands this summer. Ask about our Peace of Mind Total Service Guarantee.

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