Air Conditioning Contractor Issues Cooling Tips for Heat Advisories in St. Louis

The month of July is typically the hottest month of the year in Missouri. Heat advisories, such as the ones instituted during the week of July 11, 2011– where the indices exceed 105 degrees turn fatal when residents do not take the appropriate precautions. Hoffmann Brothers, specializes in the installation and maintenance of air conditioning units and heating systems in St. Louis—advises these approaches to staying cool during a heat advisory:

Sync outdoor work.

Schedule any activities, requiring physical exertion in the early hours of the morning or after sundown, when the temperature is not as hot, and humid in St. Louis.

Schedule an annual air conditioning unit check up to prevent unforeseen malfunctions

Cool off.

If outdoor work is unavoidable during the day, wear lightweight clothing and try to do any strenuous work in a shaded area. Take breaks to cool off via indoor air conditioning.


Humid climates tend to promote perspiration. Aside from taking regular time outs in air conditioning, imbibe ample water to keep the body hydrated.

Know the signs and symptoms of heat stroke.

Although the signs of sunstroke are comparable to heat stroke, the latter is deemed to be fatal. The most prevalent symptoms of heat stroke include: fatigue, cramping muscles, flushed skin, headaches, dizziness, seizures, confusion and more. When the body’s temperature exceeds 106 degree Fahrenheit, this is literally a boiling point where organ damage and other detrimental effects are possible.

Don’t overlook the susceptible.

Children and pets can be hypersensitive to heat stroke. Regardless if windows are ajar never leave kids or animals in a car as the symptoms of heat stroke often transpire impetuously.

Moreover, the elderly are also vulnerable to heat stroke from other pre-existing medical conditions such as: lung, heart or kidney disease and the side effects of prescribed medications.

Repair the AC.

If the air conditioning unit goes out, be sure to contact Hoffmann Brothers to repair your system. Also, be sure to move children, pets and elderly to an air conditioning environment if your home comfort system is on the fritz. W

Give your home the energy savings air conditioning system it requires– contact Hoffmann Brothers for a no hassle-quote.

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