4 Home Improvements Comfort Chesterfield, MO Homeowners

Chesterfield Contractor AC Shares 4 Cool Renovations


It is a popular misconception that renovations are all about interior design. For the residents of Chesterfield, certain home improvement projects resonate with comfort and healthy indoor air quality. Today’s latest cooling systems fashion interior solace. Hoffmann Brothers, an AC contractor, making house calls to the residents of Chesterfield, highlights some cool, yet energy efficient renovations.


Ductless Air Conditioning

As a quiet, powerful, energy efficient system, the ductless cooling and heating system manages comfort 365-days a year. These comfort systems suit the household, built without ductwork. (In Chesterfield, homeowners often install a ductless air conditioning system in home offices, solariums, attics and other hot, and muggy spaces).


In Missouri, residential property owners, considering an ENERGY STAR qualified home improvement tax credit, qualify for a FREE energy audit.

Claim a free energy audit on an air conditioning unit in your Chesterfield home by clicking here: http://www.hoffmannbros.com/chesterfield


Heat Pumps

Unlike the name implies, heat pumps cool indoor environments too. Using outdoors warm and cool temperature, heat pumps transfer heat between two reservoirs. In the summer a heat pump extracts cool air, moving it indoors and vice versa in the winter. Compared to a conventional air conditioner, heat pumps manage humidity far more efficiently.


Some ENERGY STAR certified heat pumps save as much as 30 to 38% in and cooling costs.


Air Handlers

Among air conditioning units that prevent most air leakage and condensation, certain air handlers cool effortlessly. Compatible with two stage air conditioners and heat pumps, these flexible comfort systems assure an energy savings over the summer. For Chesterfield homeowners, Hoffmann Brothers recommends American Standard air handlers. These systems are energy efficient and qualify for a home improvement tax credit.


Air Conditioning Units

Air conditioners are the popular choice for cooling a home’s environment. Air conditioning units serve two important purposes: to remove heat and moisture.

Certain air conditioning units, which meet the EPA and the DOE’s energy standards, qualify for a home improvement tax credit in Chesterfield.


Please dial (314) 664-3011 to learn more about home improvement tax credits for air conditioning in Chesterfield.

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