Options in Geothermal: Vertical, Horizontal, and Lake Loops

On a Friday night in Jefferson County, MO, the choice of what to have for dinner and which new release to rent will probably be trivial by Sunday breakfast. Your choices in geothermal loop fields are far more impactful, on the scale of 50+ years. The underground piping of geothermal systems is often guaranteed free from leaks for 50 years and expected to last twice this time.

You don’t need to be anxious about the right choice in your geothermal install for a few reasons. First, the durability and ease of maintenance is in fact a positive attribute. You’ll reap the efficiency, energy savings, and comfort benefits of your geothermal heating and cooling system for years to come. Second, your application will dictate which of these options is best. The size of your property, landscaping details, actual Jefferson County, MO HVAC requirements, and installation costs normally make one a clear choice.

The Vertical Geothermal Loop
The vertical loop is the most common installation for smaller Jefferson County, MO properties. The key advantage is minimal landscape disruption or yard space requirements. A series of holes are drilled up to 400 feet deep, depending on the number of holes. A certain amount of underground piping will be needed to support the application. Piping is fed through the holes in a loop pattern. Both the start and the end of a loop return to an indoor heat pump.

The Horizontal Geothermal Loop
The horizontal loop is most common in rural areas with plenty of acreage. The main advantage is piping is located closer to the surface at typical depths of 15 feet, eliminating some drilling installation expense. Tools like a backhoe or excavator dig long trenches to provide the necessary amount of underground pipe.

The Lake Loop
The lake loop is only possible for homes Jefferson County, MO near a large body of fresh water. The primary advantage is increased system performance due to the efficiency of water-to-water heat transfer. Though the system may start like the horizontal piping with more shallow trenches between the house and pond, the complete piping pattern looks different. At the base of the pond, the tubing resembles slightly stretched “slinkys” in its coil pattern.

Instead of rolling the dice, seek the advice of a licensed and trained installer with over 20 years of experience in the geothermal industry. Call Hoffmann Brothers Heating and Cooling at (314) 664-3011 in Jefferson County, MO. for information. Or visit our website page about Jefferson County

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