Geothermal Cooling and Water Heating: A Perfect Match In Chesterfield, MO

When you’re keeping your Chesterfield home cool for the summer, you still want a hot shower. A geothermal heat pump and a standard hot water heater are a perfect match to reap summertime energy savings. Here’s a look at the process that makes them so compatible.

The Need to Know Facts of Geothermal Hot Water Heating
The geothermal heat pump still does its traditional job. Supplemented by electricity, the pump removes heat from inside your Chesterfield home. The system accepts hot return air and distributes cold supply air to the ductwork. Instead of simply transferring heat to the earth through the closed underground water solution loop, some of the waste heat moves to your hot water storage tank.

Like the earth in the traditional geothermal model, your hot water heater becomes a new heat sink. When no additional energy is needed to heat up the contents of your storage tank, your hot water is supplied free of charge. During the summer, this harmonious system can supply 60-80% of your hot water for free.

The Nice to Know Facts of Geothermal Hot Water Heating
If you already have a geothermal heat pump and a storage hot water heater, you’re more than halfway there. A desuperheater needs to be added to some retrofits. In many new installations, the desuperheater is provided as a standard component.

The desuperheater is a secondary heat exchanger with a small pump. Water from your hot water storage tank is pumped through the auxiliary heat exchanger, preheated with heat pump waste heat, and output from the heat pump back to the tank. Less gas or electric energy is consumed to heat the water in the tank, since the water starts at a higher temperature.

A final nice-to-know fact about geothermal hot water heating is your temperature settings take priority. Your geothermal heat pump will run just as efficiently and work just as well to cool your home. The hot water heater tie-in just capitalizes on waste heat.

Hoffmann Brothers can tie your geothermal heat pump to your storage hot water heater seamlessly. Our installation ensures the transfer of energy to your water heater versus the earth will occur automatically based on demand.

Now through November 30th, 2015, Hoffmann Brothers is offering a $750 GeoComfort Rebate, Ameren Missouri Rebate, and the 30% tax creditRequest a Free estimate today with one of our comfort advisors through our online form. Call (314) 664-30111 to obtain a detailed estimate of the savings of geothermal hot water heating for your Chesterfield home this summer.

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