Why AC Preventative Maintenance is a Requirement in Ballwin?

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How does your Ballwin household plan to curtail energy costs this summer? Is air conditioning (AC) preventative maintenance really essential? How is Ballwin, unique from any other suburb in America?

Ballwin heating and air conditioning contractor provides several data points and factoids to know about owning a home in Ballwin to keep the AC performing cool.

With more than 9900 single-family homes in Ballwin, property values continue to hold steady in St. Louis County.

FACTOID: Ballwin happens to be the only city in America, with its own moniker.

Aside from not paying a municipal tax, homeowners also enjoy three other amenities in Ballwin: ample energy sources, inexpensive water, and sewage treatment capacity.

St Louis County requires homeowners to uphold residential properties by keeping the items of the Neighborhood Preservation Property Maintenance Inspection Checklist updated. Preventative maintenance for the air conditioning and heater system are two items detailed under the provision.

To ensure safety, energy efficiency, indoor air quality, and to observe local by laws, air conditioning units call for annual preventative maintenance. “This yearly care extends the system’s life cycle, saving thousands in repair and replacement costs,” recommends the owner of Hoffmann Brothers heating and cooling contractors.

Hoffmann Brothers is licensed to service HVAC systems for the residential property owners of Ballwin and other towns of St. Louis County.

To make sure that the air conditioning system is ready to provide cool air, a licensed AC contractor conducts several tasks during the preventative maintenance check up.

Without the proper refrigerant levels, an air conditioner is unable to produce cool air. An HVAC contractor will look for any signs of a leak, evaluating and replenishing refrigerant levels.

The cooling system check up also entails debris removal and cleaning components such as the coils, condensate lines, pans and traps.

In Ballwin, air conditioning preventative maintenance affords three benefits: St. Louis neighborhood code compliance, energy efficiency and a healthy indoor air quality.

Air conditioning contractor, Hoffmann Brothers is the preferred provider for heating and AC service in Ballwin. Redeem one of these discounts–on your next service call (314) 664-3011.

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